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DBS CG First ‘Direct’ Episode Reveals

Over the last year, Bandai have been sharing exclusive card reveals for the Digimon TCG over on their official ‘Digimon Card Game’ YouTube channel, which focuses on the Japanese version of the game. This format has proved itself to be a fantastic resource for the community, something that Bandai now seeks to repeat for the DBS CG.

The first episode of ‘DBS CG Direct’ was uploaded today (September 2nd) and followed the same format as the Digimon counterpart, with developers speaking the Japanese language, accompanied with subtitles for western audiences. 

During the 10 minute DBS CG Direct Episode, Developer Tatsuro Kawashima spoke about the Cross Spirits set that was released on August 13th. In this segment, Kawashima explains how the new Boost mechanic was created from collaboration with players and how feedback has been extremely positive. They also went over the card artwork that has been used for the new Anniversary Boxes, showing four really diverse designs, with foiling included into them.

During the Q&A segment of the video, Developers Rokushi Suzuki and Yutaro Tada said that they intend on including more original Dragon Ball characters, such as the Red Ribbon Army, very soon. They also mentioned that the Spirit Boost keyword will be sticking around in the future and that they don’t want to print SCRs as non-holos, so that the value of originals don’t decrease. With that being said, Bandai are looking at ways to provide meta SCRs that don’t cost a fortune. 

The biggest reveal during the first DBS CG Direct episode was concerning the Collector’s Selection Vol. 2, which is currently under development. Two brand new full-art pieces, without the card name and text, were revealed. These images showed off the incredible texture and foil combination which will be seen throughout the Collector’s Selection Vol 2. Goku, Vegeta and Launch have all been illustrated in a style extremely close to the anime, with gold foiling highlighting the characters, much like the SPRs of the Cross Spirits booster set. The second Collector’s Selection will be available for pre-order from the Premium Bandai website between September 2nd and October 26th. 

DBS CG First Direct Episode
DBS CG First Direct Episode

One final sneak peek during the first episode of DBS CG Direct were three cards coming with the Unison Warrior Series -BOOST (BT-15) set. These cards were the ‘SS Son Goten, Kamehameha Miracle’ Leader Card, ‘SS Son Goku, Kamehameha Miracle’, and the ‘SS Son Gohan, Kamehameha Miracle’ unison card that completes the father and sons trio. 

At the beginning of the video, DBS CG Developer, Rokushi Suzuki, mentions that he would normally relay this information in person at events, but Covid-19 restrictions have stopped that from happening. This could indicate that the Direct episodes are only a temporary way of communicating the latest information and to reveal new products in more interesting ways. 

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