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DBS CG: Is Cross Spirits the best looking set?

The DBS CG has been firing out new booster sets faster than ever this year. So far, we have had Vicious Rejuvenation release in January, the Battle Evolution booster in March, Supreme Rivalry in May and now Cross Spirits releasing on August 13th. Although Bandai have been churning out these new products quite quickly, the artwork of the latest set proves that they are far from rushed. 

Commons & Uncommons

Some of the red Commons and Uncommons of Cross Spirits look arguably better than the higher rarity cards. Venturing back to the DBS CG roots of Universe 7 and the Tournament of Power arc, ‘Krillin, Universe 7 Challenger’, ‘Master Roshi, Universe 7 Challenger’ and ‘Exchange of Power’ are all action shots capturing the characters giving it their all for the survival of the world.

It’s clear that Bandai are still proud of their most recent feature-length films by providing one of the best illustrated full art Beerus cards to date. The subtle shine from the foil version will no doubt complement this card, but we can’t help but think the gold detailing of the SPR rarity would have been worthy of a God of Destruction. 

Rares and SRs

The design of ‘Hit, Flawless Attacker’ is cold and haunting, which mirrors the personality of the universe 6 assassin perfectly. On the universe 11 team, Cocotte will receive her 4th card showing yet another of her colourful and unique techniques.

Whether you love GT or hate it, I think most fans can agree that we all enjoyed watching Cell and Frieza team up in hell to stop Goku. This artwork is almost an exact screengrab from the anime, only redrawn with more detail. 

The ‘Jiren, Zenith of Power’ captures the terrifying might of Goku’s most formidable rival. The red colour scheme over his bulging muscles and screaming face makes him look like he has come straight from a horror movie.

The Dragon Ball GT series had many fantastic team-up moments, one of which being Dr. Gero and Dr Myuu, who came together to create the perfect version of Android 17. In this card, we see the brightest minds of Dragon Ball raise their hands to attack, although they never actually fought together in the series. 


In the DBS CG, A handful of SR cards are given an alternate art for their higher rarity SPR version. In the past, the SPR versions look much better than the SR counterpart, but in Cross Spirits, they are equally as impressive. 

DBS CG Cross Spirits Set
DBS CG Cross Spirits Set

One of our favourite cards of the DBS CG Cross Spirits set is ‘Opening the Gates of Hell’, which shows King Cold and Cooler wreaking havoc following their escape from Hell. It is a father and son duo that we never got to see in the series, but one that makes sense. Both characters are outlined in gold foiling and are lit up by their shared technique.


With SCRs being some of the rarest cards in DBS CG, it only makes sense that they get the best artwork. In Cross Spirits, there will be three SCRs to collect. Although ‘Majin Buu, Kibito Kai Absorbed’ and ‘Super 17, Sibling Absorbed’ look fantastic, it is ‘SS Son Goku & Frieza Miraculous Conclusion’ which will be the crowning jewel of this set. Its playability, art style and the iconic characters included will no doubt give ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ a run for its money in the coming years. 

DBS CG Cross Spirits Set

DBS CG fans don’t have to wait long before they can get their hands on the Cross Spirits booster set. The set releases on August 13th, with the pre-release period beginning on August 6th.If you would like to take a closer look at some of the other cards coming with Cross Spirits, head over to one of our articles below –

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