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DBS CG – Merging Art cards (PT 1)

The Dragon Ball series has given fans many iconic moments over the past 32 years that have become legendary. When Bandai decided to theme an entire DBS CG set around the World Martial Arts Tournament, it was only fitting that some of the greatest fights between two characters were captured within merged art cards. From Jackie Chun vs Goku, to Tien Shinhan vs Mercenary Tao, here are the merging art cards from the World Martial Arts Tournament themed booster.

Fateful Reunion Son Goku & Fateful Reunion Chi-Chi

Goku has never been a conventional character, so why should his love life be any different? After stepping into the ring many years after meeting as children, Chi-Chi reminded Goku that he had forgotten his promise to marry her. Luckily, everything worked out for the best and the two went on to marry and have two powerful half-Saiyan children. If ‘Fateful Reunion Chi-Chi’ is already in play when ‘Fateful Reunion Son Goku’ is played, you can KO a Battle Card and Goku gains +10000 Power for the turn. When the Chi-Chi card is in play, she can power herself and Goku up by +10000 Power, as well as letting the player draw a card. 

DBS CG Merging Art

Awkward Situation Trunks & Awkward Situation Otokosuki 

Otokosuki has become somewhat of a controversial character since first appearing in the anime in 1993 because of his stereotyping characteristics. During the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Otokosuki is matched up against Trunks, who he has a huge crush on. This leads to the man saying some pretty inappropriate things causing the ‘Awkard Situation’ as depicted in the DBS CG merged art cards. 

DBS CG Merging Art

Master Roshi, Martial Meister & Master Shen, Martial Meister

Following the death of Master Mutaito, a heated rivalry formed between Shen and Roshi. In these merged art cards, we can see the moment both martial arts masters are reunited at the World Tournament. By the look of their expressions, it is clear that the bad blood between them remains. Ironically, these two cards work really well together, allowing you to Rest one to draw a card.

DBS CG Merging Art

Toughened Up Chiaotzu & Toughened Up Krillin 

When Chiaotzu and Tien first came into Dragon Ball, they were villains that were not scared to play dirty. When Chiaotzu entered the ring with Krillin, he used his telekinetic powers to prevent Krillin from fighting back. While Krillin allows Chiaotzu to gain +1000 Power and draw a card, Tien’s sidekick gives Krillin ‘Critical’ for the duration of the turn. 

Trusted Relationship Kami & Trusting Relationship Popo

This is one of the only pairs that are not characters fighting each other in the World Tournament. The relationship between Kami and Popo has been one of the strongest throughout the entire Dragon Ball series, right up to the moment Kami fused with Piccalo to take on Cell. The Popo card allows you to search your deck for the Kami card, which then gets ‘Barrier’ if Popo is in play.

Tien Shinhan, Trading Moves & Mercenary Tao, Trading Moves 

After Tien Shinhan turned his back on his evil ways, the brother of Master Shen wanted to seek revenge for his betrayal. Fortunately, Tien was powerful enough to take on Mercenary Tao’s deadly Dodon Ray without even blocking it. The Tao card has a fantastic hand destruction mechanic if the Tien card is already on the field, forcing your opponent to lose 3 cards from their hand. 

Unending Moves Tien Shinhan & Unending Moves Yamcha

When Tien was matched up with Yamcha, the battle seemed evenly matched until Tien viciously broke his leg. This card’s artwork is done in the same style as the original anime and shows the clash of power between the two. ‘Unending Moves Tien Shinhan’ can KO ‘Unending Moves Yamcha’ to draw 2 cards and KO another card in Rest Mode. The Yamcha card, on the other hand, gains +10000 Power when Tien is on the field. 

If you enjoy seeing iconic moments captured in the DBS CG, you can check out our article here.

Test of Strength Son Goku & Test Of Strength Uub

Goku’s last ever fight in Dragon Ball Z was a fun one against Uub, the reincarnated version of the evil Majin Buu. When these two cards are brought together, they create a larger image with a lot of depth. ‘Test of Strength Son Goku’ will play ‘Test Of Strength Uub’ from your hand without having to pay the cost, which then will send 2 of your opponent’s Battle Cards with 20000 or less to the bottom of their deck. 

Begrudging Respect Vegeta & Begrudging Respect Piccolo 

These two cards are a “what if” moment, as Vegeta and Piccolo have never actually faced off against each other. With that being said, Vegeta is wearing the clothes he wore in the ‘Peaceful World Saga’, which could lead us to believe that this fight happens sometime after Goku and Uub fly away together in the last moments of Dragon Ball Z. Unfortunately, ‘Begrudging Respect Piccolo’ has been banned since the set was released, as it allowed a player to send an opponent’s energy to the drop if the criteria was met. 

These DBS CG merging art cards capture iconic fights within the Dragon Ball universe, with skills that cleverly tie in with the narrative. If you would like to see the other connecting art cards in the World Martial Arts Tournament booster, keep an eye out for part 2 of this article. 

If you would like to see crossover art in other TCGs, you can read our article – Pokemon TCG artwork spanning across multiple cards.

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