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DBS CG – Merging Art cards (PT 2)

Merging art cards are always popular among TCG fans as they create depth, cohesion and adds to the narrative. When it comes to the DBS CG, not only does the art reference iconic fights that happened within the series, but the card effects also cleverly reflect the storylines and the relationships between the characters. 

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Scuffle Time Son Goten & Scuffle Time Mr. Buu

After the world was saved from the evil Majin Buu, the 26th World Martial Arts Tournament was a way for the Z fighters to have fun and compete against each other. One fighter who didn’t get the memo about friendly fighting was Buu, who tried to turn Goten into candy! When these two cards are used together, they can turn an Energy to active, give Goten +10000 Power and sends an opponent’s Battle Card to the bottom of the deck. 

Heroic Duo Videl & Heroic Duo Son Gohan

Arguably, Videl and Gohan are the ultimate couple of Dragon Ball Z. In these DBS CG merged art cards, we can see Gohan wearing his Great Saiyaman outfit with Videl at his side. Strangely, the Gohan card doesn’t specifically do anything for the Videl card, although she does gain +9000 Power if Gohan is in play. 

Dark Duo Babidi & Dark duo Dabura

Under the mind control of the evil wizard Babidi, Dabura makes the ultimate bodyguard. When Babidi is played, it can turn a Battle Card with 15000 or more Power to Active, which means it works with Dabura. When Babidi is on the field, Dabura gains the Barrier skill. In the series, Dabura can turn victims to stone until he is killed. His card reflects this power, as you can send two cards from your opponent’s hand to the warp, which they get back after he is removed from the field. 

Supreme Showdown Vegeta & Supreme Showdown Son Goku

The rivalry between Goku and Vegeta is probably the most iconic within the entire Dragon Ball Series, which continues to this day in DBS. The merged art in these two cards captures the long-awaited rematch between the two Saiyans, prompted by Babidi’s mind control. Like many you will see in this list, these two cards are alt arts of SRs found in the World Martial Arts Tournament booster set. 

Unyielding Victory Jackie Chun & Unyielding Victory Son Goku

Another blast from the past, these Jackie Chun and Son Goku merging art cards show the historic fight which went down at the very first World Martial Arts Tournament shown in the anime. Disguised as the mysterious Jackie Chun, Master Roshi and Goku fight it out in the final round of the competition. These two SPRs work great together, as the Goku card can gain +5000 Power, Double Strike and Triple Attack if Jackie Chun is turned to Rest mode. If the Jackie Chun skill is used to KO Goku, it can switch itself and an energy to Active. 

Destined Conclusion Hero & Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr.

After Goku defeated King Piccolo, Piccolo jr was born. After threatening the world, just like his father, Kami decided to disguise himself as Hero to get in the ring with him. The plan was to use the Mafuba technique to seal Piccolo away forever, as depicted in these DBS CG merged art cards, but as is often the case, things don’t go to plan. When these cards are used together, Hero can gain +10000 Power and send three of your opponent’s cards to the drop, which could really turn the tide of the game. With Piccolo Jr, you can KO Hero to gain +10000 Power and Triple Strike, which could make his Critical skill devastating. 

DBS Art Cards

Secret Treaty Hercule & Secret Treaty Android 18

It’s unbelievable that Hercule ever made it to ‘Champ’ status at the World Martial Arts Tournament. His luck had truly run out when the Z fighters finally returned to compete, with Android 18 only willing to throw the match for the right price. This is definitely one of the most fun merging cards in the DBS CG, reminding fans that the franchise is not always about evil villains from outer space! 

DBS Art Cards

Pan, Proudest Daughter & Hercule, Proudest Grandpa

In the Dragon Ball Universe, we have seen many major personality transformations. Usually, it is characters going from evil to good, but in the case of Hercule, we see him go from annoying to lovable. In these merged art cards, we see Mr Satan and his quarter Saiyan granddaughter enjoying the cheers of their adoring fans. If Pan is on the field when Hercule is played, you can draw 2 cards and switch an energy to Active mode. 

DBS Art Cards

Tiny Rivals Trunks & Tiny Rivals Son Goten

In the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goten and Trunks were pitted together in the Junior Division. This gave fans the first glimpse of the two young half Saiyans in action, which certainly didn’t disappoint. Both of these cards share the same Permanent skill that boosts them up by +5000 Power and grants Double Strike. 

Merging art and crossover cards have not only become increasingly popular in the DBS CG, but in several other TCGs as well. They provide new depths to the art and bring favourite characters together. If you would like to see some clever crossovers in other TCGs, you can check out our article – Pokemon TCG artwork spanning across multiple cards.

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