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DBS CG new booster revealed – Cross Spirits

DBS CG Cross Spirits

After popping up on the official DBS CG website, it appears that the next Dragon Ball Super CG set has been revealed – Unison Warrior Series 5: Cross Spirits Booster (B14).

In the description of one distribution site, it says that a new gameplay mechanic will be hitting the DBS CG, powering up the entire Union Warriors series! This new mechanic will broaden the use of Unison Cards and will offer players new and exciting ways to play them. 

The theme of the DBS CG Cross Spirits Booster will be based on the iconic scenes from the Dragon Ball series, in which characters were forced to absorb, reflect and gather Ki energy. Does this mean we will see new cards based on Goku’s famous Spirit Bomb? Maybe we will see cards based on evil spirit attacks too, like Frieza’s dreaded ‘Death Ball’. 

Set Specifics:

Total cards in set: 292

cards per pack: 12


Common: 60 (normal / holo version)

Uncommon: 38 (normal / holo version)

Rare: 30 (normal / holo version)

Super Rare: 23

Special Rare: 10

Secret Rare: 3

Although information is scarce at the moment, what we do know is that the new mechanic could change the way we think and use Unison Cards forever! Could we see multiple Unison Cards put in play? Maybe even Marker swapping? The DBS CG Cross Spirits Booster is set for a July 2021 release, while the Supreme Rivalry Booster will come slightly earlier in May. 

To learn more about the Supreme Rivalry Booster, read our article covering its announcement at the Dragon Ball Battle Hour Live Event.

To see the new exciting ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ cards entering the DBS CG, click here

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