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DBS CG – Our Green Cross Spirits Top Picks

So far, we have taken a look at the Black and Blue cards coming with the Cross Spirits booster, as well as some of the SPRs. Now, we will share some of our top picks from the new Green cards that Bandai have revealed on their social media accounts.

Diabolical Blow

The artwork of ‘Diabolical Blow’ is a scene straight from the anime, when Vegeta finally got his rematch with Goku, albeit under the mind control of the evil wizard Babidi. The artist has done an amazing job detailing each character and their form, making it look seriously epic. This card has some flexibility in play, allowing you to either KO a 3 cost or less Battle Card and draw a card, or take a marker from a Unison Card. 

Green Cross Spirits

Videl / Videl, the Town’s Heroine

Videl will become a Leader for the first time in the Cross Spirits booster set, with a card designed to work with Skill-Less Battle Cards. On the Awakened side of this Leader card, one of your skill-less cards gain another 4000 DP for the turn when it’s used in a combo, and lets you draw a card also. Working in tandem, its Spirit Boost skill allows you to play a 1 cost skill-less card used in a combo, and that card gains a nice +5000 Power for the turn. The Auto skill of this card has since received a small Errata, as the printed text prevented it from being used properly.

Green Cross Spirits
Green Cross Spirits
Green Cross Spirits

SS Vegeta, Majin Exterminator 

The contrasting colours of the yellow Super Saiyan energy and the blue energy blast makes this card look eye-catching seriously – it’s just a shame that it isn’t a higher rarity, as foiling would take this artwork to the next level. In game, its first skill is quite niche and depend on your opponent using cards that discard cards from your hand. Regardless, this card allows you to draw a card when it’s played for just 1 cost. 

SS Son Gohan, Glimpsing Potential

A nice addition to a Heroine themed deck, this card doesn’t only have a fantastic search mechanic but also gives 2 Skill-Less Battle cards +5000 Power for the turn. This card can also add a marker onto a Unison card and lets you draw a card, if the criteria is met. The art of this card is fantastic, showing the great Saiyaman bursting with power, ready to take on the enemy. The full artwork of this card, like the others in the Cross Spirits set, is a really nice touch and will really pop with a foil finish.

Great Saiyaman, the Mystery Hero

‘Great Saiyaman, the Mystery Hero’ is one of the SR of the Cross Spirits set that will also get an SPR version. If you remove a marker from this card, you can KO an opponent’s 2 cost or less Battle Card. This will help out early in the game and against decks that utilise lower-cost cards like the new Son Gohan Leader that came with the Supreme Rivalry booster set. The +1 skill allows you to search for a 1 cost skill-less Battle Card and play it, while the +0 skill lets you combo during your opponent’s turn with a skill-less earthling Battle Card. 

Videl, With All Her Strength

Bandai can’t include Gohan during the Babidi Saga, without having Videl to stand by his side. ‘Videl, With All Her Strength’ will also work in Heroine decks, which can be played from your hand for just 1 energy when your opponent attacks, as long as you have a Green Skill-Less card in play. This Blocker can also force your opponent to make a difficult decision – either lose two cards from their hand or a level 7 or less Battle Card in play. 

Majin Buu / Majin Buu, Unadulterated Might

A second Majin Buu Leader card is coming to the DBS CG, only this time it will be Green. Just like in the series, this Leader starts out as the skinny Evil Buu and then Awakens into Kid Buu. This card is seriously fun to play, as you can place cards from your opponent’s drop area beneath it. If you do, Majin Buu can steal one of their skills for the turn! This card can also self Awaken by placing a card from your life beneath it, which allows you to draw 2 cards. Once Awakened, you can lose the collected cards beneath it to increase its power by +5000 Power until the next turn. 

Son Goku, Spirit Bomb Unleashed

We have seen a number of cards showing Goku doing his iconic Spirit Bomb against Majin Buu, but this time we will be getting a full art SR version that looks similar to the main artwork of the Cross Spirits booster box. ‘Son Goku, Spirit Bomb Unleashed’ can be played for just 1 energy, if you have 3 or more energy and a Unison card in play. If this card is played this way, then you can remove a marker from an opponent’s Unison Card. What makes this card incredibly unique is that it has Spirit Boost X, which means you get to choose how many counters you remove from it. For each one you do, this card will get +5000 Power for the turn. To sweeten the deal, if you remove at least 2 markers, this card gains Double Strike, making it one powerful Spirit Bomb to unleash on your opponent.

Wicked Mimicry

Another Spirit Boost X card, the ‘Wicked Mimicry’ Counter: Attack skill will allow you to play a Majin Token in Rest Mode, if you remove at least 1 marker from your Unison Card. Also, if you do have a unison card in play, you can play this card’s Counter skill from your hand, as long as you discard another card also. The artwork of ‘Wicked Mimicry’ shows another legendary moment in Dragon Ball Z history when Buu stole Gotenks’ Super Ghost attack. 

Commemorative Photo

Commemorative Photo is one of the funniest cards to enter the game, offering your opponent the chance to give up and lose the game! Of course, the likelihood is that they won’t agree and you would have wasted an energy to play it. This card could definitely be used as an icebreaker or even a mercy move, if you are dominating your opponent. 

The Cross Spirits booster will release in August, with no set date shared as of yet. So far, we have only seen a handful of the set, which have been staggered over several weeks. This shows that Bandai are not ready to drop the entire card list, maybe even keeping the best until last. If you would like to check out the SPRs of the set, head over to our article here.

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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