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DBS CG – Our top Mythic Booster reprints

In December, the DBS CG Mythic Booster will be released. This set will be the first of its kind in the TCG, consisting of core card reprints with 63 unique alternate art designs. The Mythic Booster is designed to allow newer players to catch up with collecting out of print deck staples as well as offer long time fans of the Dragon Ball Super CG fresh alternatives to their favourite cards.

Our Top Picks – 

Broly / Broly, Surge of Brutality

Certain Leader cards will also be getting the reprint treatment, including the Broly that first came with the 2020 Expansion Set Tournament Pack. The newest variation coming with the Mythic Booster will come with gold foiled text and full-body artwork of Broly looking menacing as ever. This is actually the second reprint of this card, as a copy came with the Collector’s Selection Vol. 1.

DBS CG Mythic Booster reprint

Dirty Burst 

The new version of Dirty Burst looks far more fitting than the original, with Frost looking more devious and sly while he pulls off his ‘Dirty Burst’. What we really like about this card is how the illustration is incredibly similar to the ‘Frieza, Revived and Reviled’ card, which is based on Frost’s Universe 7 counterpart.

DBS CG Mythic Booster reprint


This is the second time Mafuba has had a reprint since its introduction back in 2017 with Union Force. Dropping the swirling Zamasu and getting a head-on view of Trunks performing the technique is a really nice touch. The use of the swirling foil on this full art also gives it a  really premium appearance. 

DBS CG Mythic Booster reprint

Afterimage Technique 

The new illustration for Afterimage Technique is a real throwback to the original Dragon Ball series where Goku could move so quickly it appeared as if he split into multiple forms. The modern art style for Dragon Ball era cards is incredible in this reprint and is arguably better looking than the original, especially with the SR foiling. 

DBS CG Mythic Booster reprint

Time Magic 

This foiled full art Time Magic card will be welcomed by many yellow players and will add even more shine to those who like the majority of their decks to be holo. 

Final Spirit Cannon

When facing Frieza in his last stand to protect Planet Vegeta, Bardock tried to use his Spirit Cannon but to no avail. In the original art, we see Bardock punching rather than using his iconic attack. Now, in the Mythic Booster, this has been rectified with artwork that reflects the moment from the Dragon Ball Z series. 

DBS CG Mythic Booster reprint

Dimension Magic 

It’s about time that Dimension Magic got a reprint, not just to offer a fresh illustration but to also make it more obtainable for players. The artwork of this reprint is fantastic, showing Jenemba manipulating dimensions to get the upper hand on his opponents. 

DBS CG Mythic Booster reprint

Kefla, Everlasting Light

This new version of Kefla, Everlasting Light is a contrast to the original card art, with the Universe 6 Saiyan readying an attack rather than just standing there. 

DBS CG Mythic Booster reprint

Senzu Bean 

Senzu Bean was the first reprint revealed when the DBS CG Mythic Booster was announced and is among the best looking alternate arts. The Dragon Ball series has seen a lot of moments where a senzu bean was used to save the life of a fighter, but as seen in this reprint, the most shocking was when Goku gave Cell one when fighting his own son. 

Vegito, Super Warrior Reborn

The original Vegito, Super Warrior Reborn card that came with the 2018 Championship Pack looks a little plain, especially with the washed-out green appearance. Bandai has certainly fixed that with this colourful action shot with foiled energy waves emanating from him. 

Although we are still waiting for concrete release dates for the DBS CG Mythic Booster, Bandai’s website states that they will release between December and January. Hopefully, this means that most regions will get this set in time for the holidays, as well as the Gift Collection that will include four booster packs, a deck box and sleeves. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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