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DBS CG: Realm of the Gods first cards revealed

On the 21st of December, Bandai announced the next booster set of the DBS CG, Realm of the Gods. In the trailer, several card images were shared but none of the card text. Now, however, the first cards along with their text have been revealed, giving an insight into what we can expect from the latest booster arriving early next year. 

The brand new red Son Goku Leader card will work with Universe 7 cards. Its unawakened side has a nice draw mechanic and is designed around filling your drop area with Universe 7 cards. The awakened side, ‘Son Goku, Supreme Warrior’,  not only lets you draw a card each turn but also lets you retrieve a card from the drop if you have 20 cards in there. The artwork of this card is incredibly sleek and will arguably be the best looking Goku Leader card in the game. In fact, the same can be said about the new ‘Vegeta/ SSG Vegeta, Crimson Warrior’ card that looks incredible. 

DBS CG Realm of the Gods
DBS CG Realm of the Gods

The ‘SSG Trunks, Spirit Empowered’ Unison card, who is a character debuting in Realm of the Gods for the first time, will be a pre-release promo. This artwork will appear on the booster box also, and by the epic stance of Xeno Trunks, I can see why. 

‘Universe 7 Unified’ will work with the ‘Son Goku/ Son Goku, Supreme Warrior’ deck, allowing you to add more cards to your drop. If you do use this card with the new Goku Leader card, you can play it for free. Seeing Goku team up with two previous villains during the Tournament of Power was a memorable moment from the series, so it is nice to see it appear in the DBS CG too. 

DBS CG Realm of the Gods
DBS CG Realm of the Gods
DBS CG Realm of the Gods
DBS CG Realm of the Gods
DBS CG Realm of the Gods

The two Frieza cards that have been revealed also work with the new Son Goku deck archetype, with ‘Golden Frieza, for the Universe’s Survival’ being able to be played for free, while the ‘Frieza, Universe 7 Combination’ Super Combo lets you draw a card if you have five cards in your drop area, which will be easy for this deck. Despite this card being based on the Dragon Ball Super Frieza, the artwork closely resembles how the tyrant looked during the Namek Saga. 

Realm of the Gods will have a worldwide pre-release on February 25th, with an official release on March 4th. This set will have 292 card types in total – 60 Commons, 38 Uncommons, 30 Rares, 18 Super Rares, 14 Special Rares, 3 Secret Rares and a special alternate art Campaign Rare known as a ‘God Rare’. The SR/SPR random box topper will also return in this latest booster. It seems that Bandai intends on returning to having their sets release worldwide on the same day, but with the delays brought on by the pandemic, that could change.

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