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DBS CG Saiyan Showdown – First Thoughts

Over the weekend, DBS CG fans were excited to hear that the next booster in the DBS CG would be Saiyan Showdown. As the name implies, this set will focus heavily on the Saiyans of the Dragon Ball Universe and their most epic moments throughout its rich history. This set will be part of the fourth anniversary of the TCG and promises to be one to remember. 

The DBS CG Saiyan Showdown will include the classic art style of the anime, which will no doubt invoke nostalgic feelings for those who grew up with the series. This can be seen with the new art for the Son Goku and Vegeta Leader Cards, as well the ‘Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Reclaiming Hope’. The Premium Pack for this set will also include the ‘Destined Confrontation’ promo, which again is a huge throwback to the first series of Dragon Ball Z, illustrated in the same iconic art style. 

DBS CG Saiyan Showdown

For the set’s Pre-Release events, the ‘Raditz, Brotherly Revival’ Leader Card from the Assault of the Saiyans booster will be getting a rebooted leader,  while a new Unison Card will bring the fan favourite SS3 Nappa back into the game. 

DBS CG Saiyan Showdown

There will also be a focus on movies where the villain was a member of the Saiyan race. This includes Turles and his Tree of Might, and Broly, who we have seen plenty of throughout the last four years, with him only needing to be implemented into Blue decks to get the full house. We will also be seeing more of the Universe 6 Saiyans in the form of new Cabba and Kale Leaders, as well as a Unison for Caulifla.

DBS CG Saiyan Showdown

One of the most interesting reveals for Saiyan Showdown is Fin, the diabolical Majin creation of Towa. Although the card text hasn’t been revealed yet, it has been described as being able to “Absorb your opponent’s skills as you see fit”. This implies that you will literally be able to take a skill from one of your opponent’s cards, which will bring a whole new dynamic to the DBS CG. By biding your time throughout the game until something with a powerful skill is played, you could devastate your opponent and turn their strategies against them. 

‘Videl, Encountering Danger’ is one of our favourite SRs revealed (so far). Not only does it have interesting artwork taken from the original  Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan movie, but it is also fantastic in play. This card has a free Counter:Play and will lend support to the Heroine archetype, such as Bulma decks. 

The set will include 292 card types in total, 60 of which being commons, 38 Uncommon, 30 Rares,9 Special rares and for the first time, four Secret Rares! Having this many SCRs is a first for the DBS CG, which is one more than the three we saw in Cross Spirits, and will definitely make things more exciting when opening boosters, as the chances of getting a higher rarity card has been increased. It will be interesting if these cards will share a particular theme or art style. We would love to see some connected art pieces with Saiyans going head to head for their “Showdown”. 

The DBS CG Saiyan Showdown will release on November 5th with the Mythic Booster releasing at some point in that same month. This new set will inject a number of new mechanics into the game, which could see a shift in the meta going into 2021. The full card list of this set is yet to be released, but as Bandai stagger their reveals, we will be sure to share our thoughts on the last Unison Warriors set of the year. 

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