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DBS CG: Saiyan Showdown Market Watch

The Saiyan Showdown set has been out several weeks now, depending on where you are in the world, with the values of its cards settling within the DBS CG market. With the Mythic booster just on the horizon, scheduled for a staggered release between now and January in different regions, we take a look at the market before cards from the newest set flood in. 

Disclaimer: All prices mentioned in this article reflect the time of writing and are subject to change. 

The SCRs of Saiyan Showdown 

As is often the case, it is the SCRs of a set that become the most valuable and sought after within a set. Saiyan Showdown is no different, especially when it comes to the artwork of each one containing a group of famous Saiyans within one card. It seems that Bandai wanted to make this set special by including a fourth SCR that stands out against all of the others. 

Saiyan Showdown values

The most expensive card in the entire set is ‘Pan, Time Patrol Maiden’, with three copies selling for around $200 on December 6th. The last copy to sell was on December 7th, which went for $250. ‘SS4: The Vermilion Saiyans’ has been selling for around $120 on eBay and TCG Player, ‘The Wicked Saiyans’ has been selling for between $107 and $125 and ‘The Radiant Saiyans’ has been going for around $100 during December. 

The SRs of Saiyan Showdown

Although there are a lot of SRs in any DBS CG set, there are several from Saiyan Showdown that are sought after by players, giving them a slightly higher value than others. 

Saiyan Showdown values

‘Son Goku, Steadfast Assistance’ has a value of around $18 on TCG Player, while ‘Turles, All Too Easy’ has been selling for between $8 and $10 since the pre-release of the set. ‘Gigantic Meteor’ has seen sales of between $8 and $12, with TCG Player sales being on the lower end of that scale. ‘SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed’ comes in at between $4 and $6. ‘SS Cabba, Proud Zenith’ has been selling for around $5 in December, while ‘Dark Broly, Resonant Obliteration’ has been coming in at around $4. 

The SPRs of Saiyan Showdown 

The SPR version of ‘SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed’  has been selling on average for around $9 in the past couple of weeks on eBay, while TCG Player has seen sales as low as $7. ‘SS Broly, Brutality Beyond Measure’ has been selling for around $10, while ‘Forbidden Power’ and ‘Hit, Battlefield Manipulator’ have had an average sale price of around $5.

The next booster set of the DBS CG, which will be the final one of the year, will be the Mythic Booster. This set will be the first of its kind in the TCG, consisting of core card reprints with 63 unique alternate art designs. The Mythic Booster is designed to allow newer players to catch up with collecting out of print deck staples as well as offer long time fans of the Dragon Ball Super CG fresh alternatives to their favourite cards. It will be interesting to see how these cards affect the market, as this is the first time a set of this kind has ever been released in the game. To learn more about this set, which will have a staggered release between now and January, depending on your region, check out the links below –

The SCR reprints of the DBS CG Mythic Booster

DBS CG – Our top Mythic Booster reprints

Card Profile – Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination

SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect – Does this card really need ANOTHER reprint?

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