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DBS CG Saiyan Showdown – Pre-Release Market Watch

The pre-release period for the Saiyan Showdown set began on November 12th for most regions, giving players and collectors their first taste of the latest booster. Now that the first sales are being made, the initial market prices are being realised. These values will no doubt change after the official release of the Saiyan Showdown booster set on November 19th, but does give an interesting insight into the most valuable cards of the set and what to look out for when opening packs. 

Disclaimer – All the sales mentioned in this article happened between November 12th and November 17th. As there are limited card copies on the market during the pre-release period, these values are likely to change after the set is officially released

Saiyan Showdown SCRs 

The SCRs of the Saiyan showdown set are incredibly unique in aesthetic, with three out of four of them showing groups of Saiyans teaming up together. Two copies of ‘The Wicked Saiyans’ sold on November 13th for $200 and on November 16th for $187 on eBay, while over on TCG Player, there have been sales of between $200 and $250. ‘The Radiant Saiyans’ is currently worth between $150 and $200, while, the two most valuable SCRs of the set, ‘Pan, Time Patrol Maiden’ and ‘SS4: The Vermilion Saiyans’, currently have a £300 value. 

Saiyan Showdown Pre-Release

Top Saiyan Showdown SPRs

The SPR version of the ‘Forbidden Power’ Extra card has been selling for around $20 on TCG Player, while the last three copies of ‘SS Broly, Brutality Beyond Measure’ have been selling for between $15 and $25. ‘Hit, Battlefield Manipulator’  is currently the lowest value SCR of the set, with the last three sales going for between $14 and $12. The SPR version of ‘SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed’ has been selling for between $18 and $20 over on TCG Player, where most pre-release sales are being made at the time of writing this article. 

Saiyan Showdown Pre-Release

Top Saiyan Showdown SRs

The regular versions of ‘Forbidden Power’ and ‘SS Broly, Brutality Beyond Measure’ aren’t too far behind the value of their SPR versions, with both of them currently selling for between $15 and $20. ‘Fin, Coercion Incarnate’ currently has a value of $15, while ‘Gigantic Meteor’ and ‘SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed’ have been selling for between $14 and $15

The ‘Pre-Release’ stamp cards 

Stores have been holding pre-release events this week, with attendants getting two promo cards, several packs of Saiyan Showdown and two pre-release packs. The pre-release cards are all parallel foil versions of certain cards pulled from the set and have the ‘Pre-Release’ stamp on them. Currently, the most valuable of these cards are ‘Broly // SS Broly, Demon’s Second Coming’, worth around $20, ‘Vegeta // Vegeta, Destined Confrontation’ selling for between $30 and $40, ‘Turles // Turles, Accursed Power’ worth around $25 and ‘Son Gohan // Great Ape Son Gohan, Saiyan Impulse’ selling for $20. It’s worth noting that all of these sales have been made through TCG Player, as there have been barely any sales made elsewhere at the time of writing this article.

The Dragon Ball Super CG: Saiyan Showdown set will include 292 different card types, 60 of which being commons (C), 38 Uncommon (UC), 30 Rares (R), 23 Super Rares (SR), 9 Special Rares (SPR) and for the first time, four Secret Rares (SCR). 

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