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DBS CG: Should Tournament Cards Be Reprints?

DBS CG Tournament

Last week, Bandai revealed the DBS CG Tournament Promo Cards that will be part of the ‘Unison Warrior Series: Tournament Pack Vol.3’. Although players and collectors got to take their first glimpse at some pretty nice cards, like the ‘Goku Black, Time Ring Trespasser’ Unison and ‘SS3 Gogeta, Thwarting the Dark Empire’, it did bring up a bone of contention within the community. 

Goku Black, Time Ring Trespasser
DBS CG Tournament
SS4 Vegeta, Feigned Greeting

Meta Crucial But Hard To Get?

Some fans have expressed their dismay surrounding the DBS CG Tournament Promo Cards, which are only obtained by those participating in competitive play. The biggest problem is that the cards are brand new versions and not reprinted ones from older sets. Having unique cards that are exclusive to Tournament Packs means that there are a lot less available to players, which becomes a problem if the cards fit or become vital to the current meta. An example of this would be cards like ‘Chain Attack Bardock’, ‘Raditz, Young Invader’, ‘SS Son Goku, Switching Gears’ and ‘SS Vegeta, Switching Gears’, which are crucial cards for those planning on making a ‘Bardock’s Crew’ or ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ deck when the Supreme Rivalry Booster is released in May. 

Because they will be hard to get, the prices for individual cards will be inflated. In fact, we have been seeing secondary markets and scalpers dominating the market lately and even making products unavailable at RRP. Although many people will want to add these cards to their deck, they may never get the chance if the cards are bought up and the prices are hiked to ridiculous levels. 

Should Tournament Cards Be included in Sets?

One solution could be that these Promo Cards are released with alternate art versions within the next booster set. This will give competitive players who cannot attend tournaments the chance to claim theirs early, with other players and collectors getting the chance to obtain the cards later to add to their decks/ collection. This will not take anything away from the card’s exclusivity, as their alternate art versions will hold more value. 

COVID-19 restrictions 

Because of COVID-19, organised store play has been extremely limited, which has meant that many people have not been able to attend the events that they ordinarily would have. With limits on travel, getting to a store that can host tournaments is also difficult. Because of these circumstances, should there have been other temporary ways to get the same tournament promo?  

DBS CG Tournament
Android 16, Stalwart Defender

Should DBS CG Tournament Pack Cards Be Legacy Cards?

Having alternate art versions of older cards included in the Tournament Packs would allow players the opportunity to add unique cards to their collection, without giving them a potentially unfair advantage when it comes to play. Of course, others may argue that those competing in tournaments deserve a chance to get their hands on cards that will improve their decks and give them an edge over those who do not compete. 

Should DBS CG Tournament Cards Be Limited To Specific Colours?

If Bandai were to limit one tournament card to a specific deck archetype, then the need to spend a lot of money on multiple cards to complete a deck wouldn’t be a problem for those who cannot obtain the packs. This still means that they would most likely be subjected to secondary market prices to complete their play set, but less money would have to be spent to complete an entire decklist. In this set alone, there are multiple cards that strengthen specific archetypes, which will make it challenging to track down and buy them all, especially if all the prices are greatly inflated. 

Are the DBS CG Tournament Cards That Important?

Although some people are disappointed that they will struggle to obtain the cards for their deck, some cards may not be crucial to the meta. For example, some may consider ‘Mechikabura’ still a better choice than the ‘Zamasu’ promo, while the ‘Future Gohan’ card, which is a 2 cost 10,000 Power Blocker, won’t make any ripples in the current Meta. In past Tournament Packs, there have been several game-changing cards added into the TCG, while this time around, they seem more reserved. Could this have been done on purpose by Bandai, who want to take away the exclusivity aspect while people find it difficult to attend events? 

Another reason why players are upset is because some archetypes, that already have plenty of supporting cards, have been given even more in the Tournament Packs. An example of this is the ‘Nuova Shenron, Unwavering Convition’, which further bolsters Syn Shenron decks, while others, such as Frieza decks, have been overlooked for quite some time. 

DBS CG Tournament

Bandai Are Listening

Luckily, it seems that Bandai are open to listening to the outcries of the community. In their latest questionnaire, one of the questions is “What is your opinion about Tournament Pack promos?”. The answers allow players to voice their frustration about the cards not being reprints. By acknowledging the issue, it seems that Bandai are at least open to changing the way certain promo cards are released.

To have your say, fill out the Questionnaire form here

As vaccinations continue to be delivered at an impressive rate around the world and restrictions begin to lift, more local stores will hopefully start back up again and host events. Although this will allow many people to get their hands on the ‘Tournament Pack Vol.3’, there will still be others that cannot attend tournaments because of different circumstances. This will put them at an unfair disadvantage and could make completing play sets an extremely costly venture. 

To learn more about the Vegeta Linage archetype, which will be strengthened by certain cards in the ‘Tournament Pack Vol.3’, check out our article here

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