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DBS CG Special Anniversary Box 2021 Previews

Over the weekend, Bandai revealed the first cards that would be included in the 2021 Special Anniversary Box. These new cards will inject support for older deck archetypes, as well as boast some seriously impressive illustrations. In previous years, we have seen popular cards get an impressive artistic overhaul and it seems that this year will be no different. 

Green Cards – 

‘Broly, Saiyan Instinct’ will bring more support to the Cheelai leader, while Lord Slug gets another card to add to his army. This time around, it’s a 3 cost 19K battle card that has dual attack if you have 3 or more energy. This card does have a draw mechanic but does allow your opponent to draw also, which could be risky. Another Cheelai supporting card, ‘Entering the Unknown’ depicts the moment in the most recent Broly movie where the legendary Saiyan swoops in to save his father and the others from certain death. 

Special Anniversary Box 2021

Blue Cards –

‘Zamasu, Teamwork Undying’ just looks incredible in this full art. On top of that, its in play abilities are incredible, letting players gain 4 markers and stop an attack on turn 3. A Super Combo Shugish also returns to the game, only now it’s for Blue players. This time around, Bandai have been very specific with its skills to make sure it’s not overpowered and worthy of another ban. The illustration for the new Veku is hilarious, while its ability to play a ‘Gogeta, Pursuit of Power’ with 3 markers is definitely no laughing matter. 

Special Anniversary Box 2021

Black Multicolour Cards – 

It’s exciting to see the first Black Multicolour card enter the DBS CG, which will really shake up deck building and strategy. The artwork of these SS4 Saiyans take things to the next level, with each of them having two cards sharing the same pose. Players staring down the wrong end of SS4 Gogeta’s Quadruple Strike better hope they have something to stop the attack. 

Special Anniversary Box 2021

The DBS CG Special Anniversary Box will release on August 27th and will include two copies of 35 original cards (making it 70 cards in total). You will also receive two Special Anniversary Packs, with 5 cards in each, with 36 silver and gold stamped cards to collect.  You will also receive two Vault Power-Up Packs, with 20 alt art cards making up the set. This box will also include a pack of exclusive deck protectors, which will be one of four random designs. Finally, the Special Anniversary Box 2021 comes with a storage box, which also has one of four random designs. 

To learn more about other special collections released by Bandai, head over to our article – The DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 1.To keep up to date with all future DBS CG products and updates, make sure you follow Ludkins media on  Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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