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DBS CG – Special Anniversary Box 2021 reprints

Bandai have once again turned to popular content creators in the community to share early previews of the 2021 anniversary box. Although we have already seen the new cards and older archetype support, it is the reprints of this special box that make it one of the best Anniversary boxes to date.

The watercolour artwork with the Japanese symbols have returned, giving older cards an incredible overhaul in terms of visual design. This includes ‘SS Vegeta, the Prince Strikes Back’, ‘Raditz, Saiyan Youth’, ‘Krillin, Moments Before Comeback’ and ‘Goku Black, Unforeseen Darkness’

Special Anniversary Box Reprints

‘Meta-Cooler, Terrifying Horde’ that came with the 2020 Championship pack, was a card that reached an eye-watering value when it first came out due to its playability. Another fantastic alt art comes with ‘Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts’, which shows the iconic moment Goku goes ape on Jackie Chun at the World Martial Arts Tournament. 

Special Anniversary Box Reprints

The ‘Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan’ and ‘Paragus, the Sacrifice’ reprints have other characters behind the focus character, which is an art style we saw in the 2020 Anniversary Box. ‘Yamcha the Lawless’ is another of these new cards, having the same illustration style seen in the Dragon Ball themed cards of the Battle Evolution booster. 

Special Anniversary Box Reprints

‘Furthering Destruction Champa’, ‘Vegeta, Disciplined Warrior’, ‘Heroic Duo Videl’, ‘Hatchhyack, Hatred Everlasting’, ‘Great Saiyaman, Vanquisher of Villainy’, ‘SS3 Gogeta, Super Warrior Evolution’ and ‘Hit Deadly Vangaurd’ have simplified or pattern focused backgrounds with clean illustrations of the characters on top. The playability of ‘Demon God Demigra, True Power Unleashed’ will be much welcomed as the Black staple has become very expensive. ‘Four Star Ball’ is another Goku focused illustration card which shares artwork with one of the deck protector designs. 

There is a chance to get each card in this set as a foiled version. The foiled versions of the full art alternate arts have incredibly layered foiling, with textures beneath smooth gold foiling. Just like the previous Special Anniversary boxes, the quality of these cards really shine through. Some cards even have fingerprint style texturing, which gives them a really premium finish. 

Many of these reprints are new versions of extremely valuable and sought after cards, making the playing field level for competitive players who may not have the money to invest in playsets of incredibly expensive cards. The 2021 Anniversary Box alternate arts will certainly mix things up in the Meta and may lower the prices of the original cards. 

The Special Anniversary Box 2021 will be released on September 22nd, after being delayed worldwide. The box will include 35 brand new cards (2 of each), as well as two Special Anniversary packs with five cards in each, four Reprint Packs, containing 4 alternate art reprints in each, and one of four random deck protector designs with 66 sleeves in total. The box the set comes with also has four designs to collect, all of which showcasing original artwork. 

To learn more about previous special collections that Bandai have released, check out our article – The DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 1.To keep up to date with all future DBS CG products and updates, make sure you follow Ludkins media on  Instagram and Facebook.

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