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DBS CG: Special Anniversary Box 2021

DBS Special Anniversary Box 2021

Things were tough last year for the DBS CG community, with events being cancelled and local stores shut down as a result of COVID-19. Now, in 2021, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as things gradually get back to normal. One way fans will be able to celebrate such a milestone is by treating themselves to the new DBS Special Anniversary Box 2021 and all the fantastic contents it has to offer.

Special Anniversary Box 2021

Bandai has revealed that the new DBS Special Anniversary Box 2021 will be themed around the number ‘4’ and characters related to that number. Could Grandpa Gohan and his 4-star Dragon Ball make an appearance? Could new Super Saiyan 4 cards step into the action? Maybe we will see more Universe 4 characters enter the DBS CG?

In the Special Anniversary Box 2021, a new Leader card will debut as part of the ‘number 4’ theme. Alternate art reprints are also on the way, which will reflect the current meta and work with the latest archetypes that have been introduced throughout the year. 

In last year’s Anniversary Box, we got fantastic alternate art cards like ‘Preemptive Strike’, ‘Ultra Instinct Son Goku, The Unstoppable’ and ‘Familial Bonds’, just to name a few. It is still a mystery to which cards will be getting an artistic overhaul this year, but going off last years cards, fans will not be disappointed. 

Special Anniversary Box 2020

This year’s Anniversary Box will come with:

  • 70 cards (35 types overall) 
  • 2 Special Anniversary Packs containing 5 cards in each. There will be 35 overall types in these packs, all of which having silver and gold stamping.
  • 4 Vault Power Packs (2021) that have 4 cards in each pack.
  • 1 of the 4 sleeve designs (66 in total).
  • 1 of the 4 storage box designs.
Special Anniversary Box 2021 packs

The Special Anniversary Box 2021 is set to be released on August 20th, although many retailers are currently taking pre-orders now. 

To learn more about the upcoming Supreme Rivalry Booster Set, click here. To take an early look at the Cross Spirits Booster Set, click here

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