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DBS CG: Starter Deck 15/16 Silhouette Speculations

DBS Starter Deck 15

Set for a July release date, DBS CG Starter Decks 15 and 16 will be launching around the same time as the ‘Unison Warrior Series Set 05: Cross Spirits’. Unfortunately, all we know about the upcoming Starter Decks is what the boxes look like, without being able to see the theme. What Bandai has given us, however, is the teasing silhouette shape of the characters, which allows for some speculation. 

Starter Deck 15

Vegeta /  Xeno Vegeta

Going by the shape of the hair in the silhouette, Vegeta would be an obvious choice. It could possibly be the SS1 Vegeta from the Cell Saga, raising his hand for a big bang attack. It is also possible that the hidden character is Xeno Vegeta from the Dragon Ball: Heroes series. The only problem with this speculation is that the box art is red and not black. Up until now, the Saiyan Xeno cards have been mainly black, while villains like Frieza, Buu and Cell have been other energy colours like Green, Yellow and Blue. 

DBS Starter Deck 15


Tarble was first introduced in the Dragon Ball universe in ‘ Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!’. He is the youngest son of King Vegeta and the brother of Vegeta. Tarble has appeared in the games ‘Dokkan Battle’, ‘Dragon Ball: Heroes’ and the Japanese Exclusive ‘IC Carddass: Dragon Ball’, but is yet to be introduced into the DBS CG. Is it finally time for the other Saiyan Prince to make a debut? 

To learn more about the previous Dragon Ball card game that became the foundation of the DBS CG, check out our article, The Predecessor Of DBS CG –  IC Carddass: Dragon Ball.

King Vegeta / Xeno King Vegeta

With the shape of his hair, it could be a rebooted King Vegeta taking the centre stage on DBS CG Starter Deck 15. If the Deck was being released in May, with the Supreme Rivalry booster, it could have acted as ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ support. Unfortunately, players will have to wait a little longer than that which may indicate the deck won’t link to the Supreme Rivalry booster at all. Xeno King Vegeta could be another possibility, but once again, the box colour might rule this one out as Xeno King Vegeta would better suit black energy. 


A Vegenks leader may be hiding behind the silhouette, with the shape of his hair fitting the bill. In fact, there is a piece of hair coming down beside the character’s face that looks very much like Vegenk’s hair. Other suggestions for Deck 15 are Cabba or even Broly’s father, Paragus, although the likelihood of more Broly support may be slim for the time being. 

Starter Deck 16

Goku / Bardock / Turles

With the shape of the iconic hairstyle, an obvious suggestion for Deck 15 would be Goku. If Starter Deck 15 turns out to be King Vegeta, then it would only be fitting that Starter Deck 16 has a Bardock focus. Of course, another resemblance that shouldn’t be ignored is Turles. Although this character is considered non-cannon in the series, only appearing in the ‘Tree of Might’ movie, he was introduced to the game cannon in ‘‘Dragon Ball: Heroes’. 

Masked Saiyan

Could the focus for Starter Deck 16 be a rebooted Masked Saiyan? The black colouring of the box could support this. This could act as a reboot to the third Starter Deck, The Dark Invasion, that was released in 2018. The Masked Saiyan Saga is a major plot point of the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 video game, which saw Trunks: Xeno searching for Towa and Mira so that he could free the Saiyans from their control. 

DBS Starter Deck 15

Goku Black / Masked Saiyan Goku Black

Of course, another possibility could be Goku Black. There has been a Goku Black Leader in the past, which ended up on the Errata list, as well as another that teamed up with Zamasu. There is a chance that the silhouette is hiding the ‘Masked Saiyan Goku Black’, a new character recently introduced within episode 33 of the Dragon Ball: Heroes anime series. 

DBS Starter Deck 15

It is still early days for DBS CG Starter Deck 15 and 16, but as it gets closer to the release date, Bandai will release more details and reveal the focus characters. To make sure you keep up with the latest DBS CG news and product releases, follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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