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DBS CG Supreme Rivalry – A look at Vegeta’s Lineage

Supreme Rivalry vegeta

The members of Goku’s family have been well covered within the DBS CG, even having their own archetype that was released way back in the Colossal Warfare Booster. Well, it seems that it’s now time for the King and Prince of Saiyans to get their own ‘Lineage’ Special Trait. Although a few cards came with the Battle Evolution Booster, it’s in Supreme Rivalry that we will get a real taste of what Saiyan royalty is capable of in the form of Vegeta’s Lineage. 

Vegeta the 3rd, Lineage’s Beginning (EB1-09)

The first Vegeta Lineage cards came out in the DBS CG Battle Evolution Booster that dropped on the 5th March, starting with an extremely fitting card – ‘Vegeta the 3rd, Lineage’s Beginning’. This card not only weakens an opponent’s Battle Card by – 5000 Power for the turn it is played, but it can also increase its Power by +1100 by spending one energy of any colour. Just like how ‘Goku’s Lineage’ works, by using the ‘Swap 2’ skill, you can swap this card out for a level 2 ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ card instead. 

Vegeta the 3rd, Lineage's Beginning DBS CG
King Vegeta, the Insubordinate (EB1-56)

King Vegeta, the Insubordinate (EB1-56)

Another card released with the Battle Evolution Booster, ‘King Vegeta, the Insubordinate’ is an ideal ‘Vegeta Lineage’ card to use with ‘Vegeta the 3rd, Lineage’s Beginning’, if you are running a green/ red deck. This card is a stepping stone to get a higher cost ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ card out on the field and will also decrease an opponent’s Battle Card by -5000. 

King Vegeta / King Vegeta, Head of the Saiyan Rebellion (BT13-002)

The newest ‘King Vegeta’ Leader Card heading into the DBS CG will allow you to search the top 5 cards of your deck, after attacking, to find Saiyan cards. This means that you will be able to find ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ cards that will help you build up to your higher cost Battle Cards. This card awakens when your opponent’s life is at 4 or less, but at a cost. To awaken, you must take cards from your life until you have 5 left. When this card does awaken, however, you get to draw a card and switch a tapped energy to active. When you begin a game with this Leader, you can activate a ‘Young Invaders’ field card that will help you play 1 cost Saiyans from your deck. 

King Vegeta / King Vegeta, Head of the Saiyan Rebellion (BT13-002)

When this card is flipped to ‘King Vegeta, Head of the Saiyan Rebellion’, you lose the ability to search the top cards of your deck for Saiyan cards. What you can do, however, is decrease a Battle Card’s Power by a further -10000, if you have already decreased their power with cards such as ‘Vegeta the 3rd, Lineage’s Beginning’. 

King Vegeta / King Vegeta, Head of the Saiyan Rebellion (BT13-002)

Young Invaders (BT13-028)

The ‘Young Invaders’ card automatically activates if you are using the new ‘King Vegeta’ Leader that is arriving in the Supreme Rivalry Booster Set. When it is your opponent’s turn, this Field Card plays a 1 cost Saiyan card with 500 Power to their side of the field, from your deck. In your turn, you can choose to lose a life to play a 1 cost Saiyan card from your deck. By spending a red energy, you can reduce a Battle Card by -5000 Power, which could be reduced by a further -10000 Power if your ‘King Vegeta’ Leader has been awakened into ‘King Vegeta, Head of the Saiyan Rebellion’. 

Young Invaders BT13-028

Vegeta, the Young Invader (BT13-023)

Along with Goku, Vegeta is another Saiyan youth entering the DBS CG. This young prince allows a player to take a life to draw a card. Also, by reducing an attacking Battle Card by -5000 Power, it will also activate the ‘King Vegeta, Head of the Saiyan Rebellion’ skill to reduce a Battle Card’s Power by an additional -10000 Power.  

SSG Vegeta, to the Next Level (BT13-022)

This card goes hand in hand with the ‘Young Invaders’ field card. By spending just 1 energy to send a 500 Power Vegeta or Raditz card to the bottom of your deck, you can play this card from your hand without paying any cost. This effect works with low-cost Saiyans from either side of the Battle Area, which means that you can use this to recycle the one you gave your opponent from ‘Young Invaders’.

Supreme Rivalry vegeta

SSB Vegeta, at Full Power (BT13- 021)

To play ‘SSB Vegeta, at Full Power’, you must spend 3 red energy and use a 3 cost ‘Vegeta:Br’ card to Ex-Evolve into this card. When this card is in rest mode, it can reduce an opponent’s Battle Card by -10000 Power. If your Leader has been awakened by that point, it can be reduced by a further -10000 Power. In many cases, this could result in a Battle Card being sent to the drop or a Unison Card losing a marker. 

King Vegeta, Hidden Ambitions (BT13-020)

‘King Vegeta, Hidden Ambitions’ has a very specific ‘Counter:Counter’ skill which only works with a 1 cost Extra Card that your opponent played without paying the cost. It is this card’s Activate Main skill that really comes in handy, as it allows you to search and play a ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ card with an energy cost of 3 from your deck.  This card not only comes as a SR, but there is a gold foiled alternate art SPR version showing Prince Vegeta as a new born baby.

Supreme Rivalry vegeta
Supreme Rivalry vegeta

King Vegeta’s Imposing Presence (BT13-030)

If you have a mono-red Saiyan Leader, like ’King Vegeta’, this ‘Counter: Attack’ Card continues the theme of decreasing the Power of your opponent’s Battle Cards. Not only does it take away 10000 Power to an attacking card, ignoring Barrier, but it also gives any other attacking cards -5000 for that turn. This card is the second ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ SR that got a SPR version in this set.

Supreme Rivalry vegeta
Supreme Rivalry vegeta

‘Vegeta’s Lineage’, coming in the new Supreme Rivalry Booster releasing in May, will be a welcomed addition to the game. Other Saiyan cards will be joining the King in this set, including  ‘Bardock’s Crew’, Broly era cards and a much-needed update to the ‘Goku’s Lineage’ archetype. With the Vegeta cards that have the ‘Lineage’ Trait also being ‘Vegeta:Br’ characters, will we see them worked into red Gogeta decks?  

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