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DBS CG Supreme Rivalry pre-release tournament cards – Closer Look

DBS CG Supreme Rivalry

Since exclusively announcing the next set, Supreme Rivalry, on the Battle Hour event, Bandai has showered fans with many Saiyan themed cards that will be part of that set. This weekend, they revealed the newest Leader card in the DBS CG, which will bring an old archetype back into the arena. 

Son Goku Jr.

There seems to be a focus on the Dragon Ball: GT series lately. ‘Super Baby’ was introduced to Dragon Ball: FighterZ back in January, with SS4 Gogeta arriving soon. When it comes to the Dragon Ball Super CG, It only makes sense that the GT themed Lineage Leader is based on the oldest known descendent of the Bardock / Goku family. In this card, Son Goku Jr. is seen facing his opponent at the World Martial Arts Tournament, wearing a battle-worn purple Gi with a green shirt beneath it. This card has a fantastic art style, especially considering the fine detailing and shadowing of the hair. Interestingly, the young Saiyan is standing between the card name and the plaque, which gives this card good depth. 

Son Goku Jr. Leader will replace the original ‘Son Goku’ Lineage Leader. In the previous version, you could drop one Lineage card from your hand to draw two cards. Although this was a good draw mechanic, it didn’t help get Battle Cards out fast enough when compared to other archetypes that soon followed. Now, with ‘Son Goku Jr.’, when this Leader attacks, you can search the top five cards of your deck and place one in your hand. The ‘Activate:Main’ ability goes a long way in rectifying the problems that the older Goku Lineage decks had. Now, instead of having to play lower energy cost Battle Cards to build up to your powerful ones, you can take a card from your life and play one straight away!

Son Goku Jr. Leader Card

SS Son Goku Jr., Scion Of The Lineage

SS Son Goku Jr., Scion Of The Lineage

It’s when Goku’s future descendent is ‘Awakened’, that the real fun begins. If there are two other ‘Goku’s Lineage’ cards in play, this Leader will gain ‘Critical’. Not only that, but this card gains +5000 power for the attack also. By spending three yellow energy, ‘SS Son Goku Jr., Scion Of The Lineage’ has the ability to play a level 8 card from your hand without paying its energy cost. This is a massive improvement on the previous format of the archetype, which often meant that a player had to depend on swapping their ‘Goku’s Lineage’ Battle Cards to get their stronger ones out. This was often a slow process, especially if they were unlucky with their draws.

Interestingly, when ‘Goku Jr.’ awakens and turns Super Saiyan, he gets the handy ability to repair his torn clothes! Just like the front side of this card, the hair detailing and shading really adds to the artwork of this card. Also, the full art allows more of his sheer power and speed to shine through, especially in the foil version. 

Son Goku, The Legendary Warrior

Along with the new GT themed leader, a new full-art Unison card has been revealed to compliment Son Goku Jr. The artwork captures the moment that Goku visits earth one last time before bringing the entire Dragon Ball story to a close. The gold foil detailing in the energy bursts will no doubt look fantastic and will really compliment the yellow energy colour of this card. 

This Unison only costs 1 energy, but a player will want to spend at least 3 if they want to use the -3 counter effect to play a ‘Goku’s Lineage’ card with an energy cost of 5 or less. This ability is a great way to play cards like ‘Abrupt Breakthrough Son Goku’, who can help get the big 8 cost Lineage cards out in the battle area. This card’s ‘Auto’ ability is similar to the ‘Son Goku Jr.’ Leader Card, as it allows you to look at the top 3 cards from your deck and choose a ‘Goku’s Lineage’ card to put in your hand. 

Son Goku, The Legendary Warrior

Other Goku Lineage Cards In Supreme Rivalry 

The Supreme Rivalry Booster Set has promised more ‘Goku’s Lineage’ cards to update the former archetype. Among them is ‘Scrambling Assault Son Goten’, which will help you search for the cards you need from the top of your deck, and the Secret Rare ‘Distant Descendant, Son Goku Jr.’, which is incredibly powerful. Although you can only have one copy of this card in your deck, it allows you to combo with up to 5 cards from the top of your deck and has the potential to place two of your opponent’s life cards into their drop area. Finally, this card has Triple Strike and 40000 power, which gives it the potential to clean things up very quickly. 

Scrambling Assault Son Goten
Distant Descendant, Son Goku Jr.

‘Son Goku Jr.’ and ‘Son Goku, The Legendary Warrior’ will be available to participants of the Pre-release DBS CG Supreme Rivalry Tournaments, with foil versions awarded to the winners. In the past, these events have taken place one week before the release of a new set. The DBS CG Supreme Rivalry Booster Set is scheduled for a May release, although an exact date hasn’t been announced yet. 

To find out more about the DBS Supreme Rivalry Booster Set, check out our coverage of the Battle Hour Live Event here

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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