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DBS CG: The Signature Cards PT-2

In our last article, we focused on the rare Signature Cards that came in the very first DBS CG themed booster, Tournament of Power. Now, we will cover the final four that were released as part of the games second anniversary which were inspired by the popularity of the previous ones. 

Assault of the Saiyans Signature Cards –

The last four Signature Cards were released in the 235 card Assault of the Saiyans booster set. This time around, the rarity was classed as SPR_S (Special Rare Signature), which is different to the SPR rarity of the previous four. The Assault of the Saiyans booster kicked off series 7 in August 2019, bringing with it some of the first multicoloured cards in the DBS CG. This set focuses on the Saiyan characters of DBZ’s Saiyan saga, the Broly movie, the Zamasu story arch and the Tournament of Power arch. The booster shares its name with the ‘Dragon Ball Z –  Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin’ video game which was first released in Japan in 1990 on the Famicom system and later ported to the NES as ‘Assault of the Saiyans’, even sharing similar title logo designs.  

The Assault of the Saiyans booster has increased in value over the last two years because it is no longer in print and holds the Signature Cards. On eBay, Recent sales of this sealed booster box have gone for $1200 ($849), with single booster packs selling for around $40 each (£28). Although these prices are high, it is yet to achieve the same incredible value as the Tournament of Power sealed booster, which is helped by the popularity of the ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ card as well as the four original Signature Cards.

DBS CG Signature Cards

The Cards – 

SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past

It’s no surprise that Trunks got his own DBS CG Signature Card, as he is a fan favourite with many versions of himself due to his time travelling, universe splitting activities. The biggest difference between the Trunks in the DBS ‘Future Trunks’ saga and the version from the ‘Android’ saga is the colour of his hair, although that is unnoticeable when he turns Super Saiyan.

This card has the signature of Funimation’s head writer Eric Vale on it, the man who has voiced the character since 1999. There have been 109 ‘SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past’ cards that have been graded 10s out of its 129 PSA population. The last PSA 10 sold for $1500 (£1057) in May, while another sold for $1800 (£1269) the previous month. 

DBS CG Signature Cards
DBS CG Signature Cards

Hit, Pride of Universe 6

Hit was a very unique character introduced into Dragon Ball Super anime, known for his cold nature of killing if the price was right. Hit is voiced by Matthew Mercer, who is not only known for his work in anime but also a number of video games including Resident Evil 6, Mortal Kombat 9, Overwatch, Fallout 4 and Fortnite.

Out of the 116 graded by PSA, only 66 ‘Hit, Pride of Universe 6’ have achieved PSA 10s. In December 2020, two of these cards sold for an average price of $900 (£634). 

Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito

With Vegito being hugely popular among fans, it’s no surprise that there are 152 currently in the PSA population. The interesting thing about this card is that it has the signatures of both Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat on it, as both voices combine when Goku and Vegeta fuse using the Potara Earrings. 

127 ‘Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito’ have achieved PSA 10 grades, with only 25 grading lower. The last PSA 10 to sell through PWCC Marketplace went for $2800 (£1974). 

Dependable Brother Son Gohan

The son of Gohan played a huge part in Dragon Ball Z, helping to defeat seemingly unbeatable villains with his hidden potential. The voice of adult Gohan, Kyle Henry Hebert, has a number of other animes under his voice acting belt including Sōsuke Aizen in Bleach, Kiba Inuzuka in Naruto, Fat Gum in My Hero Academia and Noriaki Kakyoin in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Out of the 135 in the PSA graded population, 116 of them are PSA 10s. This means that out of all 8 Signature cards graded by PSA, ‘Dependable Brother Son Gohan’ has the highest percentage of PSA 10s among them at 85.9%. Two PSA 10s of this card sold on eBay in April for $1900 (£1341), while another went for $1453 (£1024) in May. 

The Art Style 

The simple design of the Signature Cards work well because they do not have crowded elements that take away from the voice actor’s signature. This, along with the characters appearing on top of a plain foiled background, makes them look more premium. The characters in these cards are illustrated very similarly to several cards that came in 2008 ‘Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game’, which also have the front profile of the characters drawn in the traditional Dragon Ball Manga style.

There are also SR versions of the Signature Cards that came with the Tournament of Power booster set, which are also highly sought after by collectors. The Assault of the Saiyans Signature cards not only have an SR version but they also have alternate art SPR, totalling three versions of these four cards. 

It has been quite a while since the last Signature Cards entered the DBS CG, which does make it very likely that four new ones are on the way. As the Assault of the Saiyans Signature Cards were introduced during the very first product of Series 7, does this mean that we can expect the new ones after the Unison Warriors series comes to an end? 

If you would like to learn more about the boosters coming after Supreme Rivalry, head over to our article – DBS CG: What we know about UW5 and UW6.

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