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DBS CG – The SPRs of Supreme Rivalry

Supreme Rivalry is now out with players and collectors alike getting their hands on the latest DBS CG booster set. This time around, Bandai has been very generous with sharing the cards of this particular set, which may have been spurred on by fears of the set leaking, as was the case with the Battle Evolution Booster and its ‘Heroines Lineage’ secret rare. Because of this transparency, we have a full list of the DBS CG Supreme Rivalry SPRs (Special Rares) that players will want to look out for when opening their boosters. 

King Vegeta’s Imposing Presence 

This 1-cost card will fit nicely with the new ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ archetype, which offers a nice Counter:Attack that will reduce the attacking Battle Card by -10000 Power and reduce any other attacking Battle Cards by a further -5000 Power. The SPR version shows King Vegeta with his most trusted men, all highlighted in gold foiling. The red text of this card, which is a feature added to all SPRs from the Rise of the Unison Warrior booster and onward,  definitely adds to its appearance and helps the full artwork pop. 

DBS Supreme Rivalry SPRs
DBS Supreme Rivalry SPRs

King Vegeta, Hidden Ambitions

Who would have ever thought that Prince Vegeta was once a cute little baby and not a scowling hot head? Well, that is precisely what we get in this SPR version of ‘King Vegeta, Hidden Ambitions’, which shows the incubators from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. This card counters an Extra Card and allows it to be played. In the player’s turn, by spending a red energy, they can search out a 3-cost ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ card with 10000 power, which is a key mechanic of the archetype. 

To learn more about ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’, check out our article – DBS CG Supreme Rivalry – A look at Vegeta’s Lineage.

Demigra, Momentary Ally

In this 0-cost Unison, Demigra teams up with some powerful allies in his campaign to erase history and become a god of time. This card will continue to bolster black decks that use the Over Realm skill. For -3 counter cost, you can recycle two 7-cost cards from your warp and place them in your hand. 

DBS Supreme Rivalry SPRs
DBS Supreme Rivalry SPRs

Supreme Kai of Time, Time Labyrinth Unleashed

You can’t have a black Demigra Unison without a Chronoa card to balance things out. There is a lot of light detailing around the Supreme Kai of Time in this art, which gives her the divine presence she deserves. This card’s Counter:Attack skill will temporarily move a Battle Card to the warp, which will later return at the end of the turn with the skills negated for the turn. 

Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction

This SPR Unison will fit nicely within a blue Boujack Brigade deck because of the ‘Gokua, the Calamity’ skill that can search out a 4-cost Unison. ‘Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction’ will undoubtedly see plenty of play, especially because of its abilities to draw a card, turn itself active and untap a spent energy for no counter cost. For just 1 energy, you can send a Battle Card to the bottom of your opponent’s deck when any Battle Card attacks. This will definitely control the field and prevent attacks, especially if your opponent has something they don’t want to give up! 

DBS Supreme Rivalry SPRs

SS Trunks, Altering the Future

Everybody’s favourite Time Agent returns to the DBS CG within the Supreme Rivalry booster set as a yellow SPR Unison. Its +0 skill turns a Battle Card to Rest Mode and will KO it if it has a cost of 4 or less. For -3 counters, this card will KO all Battle Cards in Rest Mode, which will make your opponent think twice about attacking in their turn and risking their Battle Cards. Although the yellow text may be difficult to read, with all of the yellow elements and gold foiling in this card, it does show the raw power flooding from Trunk brilliantly. 

SS2 Son Gohan, Astonishing Strike

With the ability to have a 4-cost play, if the criteria is met, ‘SS2 Son Gohan, Astonishing Strike’ is definitely the power card of the blue Gohan deck. By sacrificing an energy and sending it to the drop, you can send all of your opponent’s Battle Cards to the bottom of their deck and turn Gohan to Active Mode. This clears the way for a triple strike attack that will be hard to stop, thanks to the Deflect skill. The art of this card depicts the moment Gohan launches the devastating kamehameha wave that obliterates Boujack, framed by thick gold foiling. This Supreme Rivalry SPR will no doubt be sought after by both DBS CG collectors and players alike.

Frieza, Invader from Another Dimension

Although this Frieza Unison has a very low play cost, you would want to spend more than that to take full advantage of its capabilities. In true Frieza fashion, this card’s permanent skill allows the tyrant to sacrifice one of his minions to save a marker from getting taken away from it. You can build the Frieza army back up again with the +1 counter skill, which plays a 10000 Power token if you take a life. If you spend 3 counters, you can power up all of your Frieza Army Tokens by +10000 Power and then force your opponent to lose a card from their hand. 

Cooler, Effortless Strike

This Counter:Play card can be played for free in your opponent’s turn if you have enough Extra Cards in your Drop and Battle Areas. If your opponent has a deck with a lot of draw power, then this card can help a little by forcing them to discard a card if they have 8 or more in their hand. The artwork shows the might of Cooler fantastically, with fine gold detailing highlighting the energy running through him. 

The Power of a Super Saiyan

‘The Power of a Super Saiyan’ card shows Vegeta in one of his iconic poses but with a more simplified art style, similar to that of ‘King Vegeta, Hidden Ambitions’ and ‘King Vegeta’s Imposing Presence’. The great thing about this card is that it’s not only a 1-cost Counter:Attack card, but it can also use its Activate:Battle skill without paying the cost, as long as you have an active yellow energy. This skill turns a Battle Card or Unison Card to Rest Mode and also lets you draw a card as a nice little bonus.  

The DBS CG Supreme Rivalry booster set brings brand new archetypes into the game while supporting older ones like ‘Goku’s Lineage’. It will be interesting to see how these cards will affect the meta, especially as restrictions around the world loosen up and the tournament season continues. To learn more about the 2021 Championships, click here

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