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DBS CG – Top Black & Blue Cross Spirits cards

Following the announcement of the Cross Spirits booster set last month, Bandai has now been incredibly generous with the Black and Blue card reveals of this brand new set. From new deck archetypes to brand new art styles entering the DBS CG for the very first time, here are some of our favourite Cross Spirits cards so far. 

Trunks (Leader Card)

Before this new ‘Trunks’ Leader Card, the only other one was the card that came with the Colossal Warfare booster set. Although there isn’t too much going on with the card back artwork, it is the front that is incredibly original for the DBS CG. Trunks looks exceptionally clean and sharp, while the background is a contrasting zoomed-in rocky surface. These two elements really clash but still work. It is quite reminiscent of the base set Pokemon cards when stock images were used as a background

DBS CG Cross Spirits Cards
DBS CG Cross Spirits Cards

Son Goku, Calamity Challenger

One of the SRs of the set, ‘Son Goku, Calamity Challenger’, works with the new ‘Trunks’ Leader, allowing you to play a 6 cost ‘Son Goku’ card such as ‘SS3 Son Goku, Calamity Conqueror’ from your deck or drop area. This card is also a Deflect and Blocker card, making it a good form of defence. 

DBS CG Cross Spirits Cards

Shenron, Eternal Spirit 

Shenron seems to belong fairly and squarely in the Black energy colour, with the first Unison card based on the wish giving Dragon being the ‘Shenron, Unison of Rescue’ card. The artwork of this card is stunning and will be available as a pre-release promo card. In game, If you manage to get 7 markers on this card, you have the chance to play all of your skill-less Battle cards from your Drop Area, which could be devastating in the right deck. 

SSG Son Goku, Legendary Spirit

Another pre-release promo card, ‘SSG Son Goku, Legendary Spirit’, shows some seriously explosive artwork with a background and foiling that only adds to Goku’s ferocity. This card’s Spirit Boost skill allows you to put a card beneath it for just one Unison Marker, which will power it up by +3000 for each card you place beneath it. 

SS4 Bardock, Spirit Resonance

If there was ever a “what if?” artwork every Dragon Ball: GT fan needed, it would be ‘SS4 Bardock, Spirit Resonance’. Like father like son, to most people, it is only the scar that differentiates him from Goku. This card interestingly shares a very similar name to a Blue Bardock card coming with the Saiyan Boost Expansion Set, despite being a Black Unison that requires Black energy to play. This card’s -2 marker ability makes it a great defence against attacks early on in the game, as long as your opponent is unwilling to give up one of their cards. 

SS4 Vegeta, Prepping for Fusion

Another SS4 character coming with the Cross Spirits booster set is ‘SS4 Vegeta, Prepping for Fusion’. It is another prime example of how the DBS CG Uncommons (and Commons) look even more impressive in the Cross Spirits set because of their full artwork. 

Syn Shenron 

Syn Shenron gets a lot of attention in the DBS CG, and when it comes to Cross Spirits, it’s no different. This new Leader is Black and has the Blocker keyword, which makes it very interesting. Syn Shenron will be the foundation for the new ‘Shadow Dragon’ archetype that will utilise other new DBS CG cards coming in Cross Spirits set, such as ‘Towa, Resonance of Shadow’, ‘Naturon Shenron, Power of Darkness’, ‘Haze Shenron, Negative Energy Explosion’ and ‘Oceanus Shenron, Negative Energy Explosion’.

SS Trunks, Fully-Powered Fusion & SS Goten, Fully-Powered Fusion

This isn’t the first time we have seen Trunks and Goten fuse whilst powered up to their max, as the ‘Unified Spirit’ duo came way back in the first expansion set, Mighty Heroes. These two Blue cards work together from the hand, which allows you to play a Blue 5 cost Gotenks card from your deck or hand. It does require you to have at least 4 energy and spend 3 of them, but it will allow you to play a powerful card like the new ‘SS3 Gotenks, Calamity Challenger’, also coming with the DBS CG Cross Spirits set. 

In the coming weeks, Bandai will share more cards belonging to the other colours, as well as the SCRs of the set. Although we don’t know for certain what the SPRs are for the set, the box art displayed in the trailer for Cross Spirits gives us clues to which characters will make an appearance as an SPR. To hear our thoughts, head over to our article – DBS CG: Cross Spirits SPRs Speculations.

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