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DBS CG – Top booster boxes for collectors?

The DBS CG began in 2017, making it relatively new compared to other popular TCGs. Despite its age, however, it hasn’t stopped prices of certain booster boxes from rising to eye-watering levels. Whether you are a collector looking to add rare products to your collection or an investor wanting to obtain something that will grow in value, in this article, we take a look at some of the top DBS CG booster boxes. 

Disclaimer: All the prices mentioned in this article are based off the current UK market and could be different in other countries.

Universal Onslaught Booster Box

The Universal Onslaught booster set has seen quite the value rise in recent months, with even the Ultimate Lifeform Expert Deck being bought up just for the booster pack inside of it. This booster set comes with a nice ‘Kakarot, The One And Only’ card, which was intended to promote the video game. The ‘Iconic Attack Rares’ are some of the most sought after cards from this booster set, displaying popular characters posed to unleash their deadly attacks. The artwork of these cards are so incredible that Bandai decided to include alt art versions of them in the Collector’s Selection Vol. 1. Arguably, the best card you can pull from this set is the ‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex of Power’ card, which are selling for £2000+ in a PSA 10. 

DBS CG best booster box

Universal Onslaught booster boxes are currently selling for around £1200. For current investors, this may be the booster set to look out for, as it is likely to keep rising in value the older it gets. Whether or not it can reach the heights of Tournament of Power is yet to be seen, but at its current trajectory, it certainly has potential. 

DBS CG best booster box

Tournament of Power Booster Box

When the DBS CG first launched, it wasn’t a surprise to learn that the first booster box would focus on the Dragon Ball Super anime, with the Tournament of Power series being the focal point. In the last couple of years, and past months, in particular, this booster has skyrocketed in value. For collectors, it is a holy grail purchase that shows no sign of losing its value any time soon. These booster sets have sold for over £5000 in recent weeks on eBay, although its value is likely to rise as the years go on. 

Among the most sought after cards in this booster box are the SPR signature cards signed by the English voice actors. These cards are some of the biggest chase cards for collectors and have a low population on the market currently. The obvious big pull in this booster set is ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’, which is regarded by some to be the rarest and most sought after card that can be pulled from a pack, although its true value has been up for debate within the DBS CG community. 

To learn more about the rarest cards in the game, head over to our article – The rarest cards in the DBS CG.

Assault of the Saiyans Booster Set

Assault of the Saiyans is the latest booster box to see a price hike in recent months. This booster set is the one that collectors and investors will want to look out for. As was the case with the Universal Onslaught set, the Universe 6 Assailants Expert Deck has been bought up for the sole purpose of taking the booster pack from it. 

Just like the Tournament of Power booster set, some of the main chase cards are the signature cards, which introduced Trunks, Hit, Vegito and Gohan along with the signatures of their voice actors. 

Although these are the booster boxes that collectors and investors will want to get their hands on before they get more expensive, there are others that will continue to grow in value as time goes on. These include Destroyer Kings, Galactic Battle and Cross Worlds. A top tip for investment is to buy booster boxes that are less expensive than the value of the rarest card in the set, as the boxes typically rise to meet this value. 

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