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DBS CG: Unison Warrior: Boost Revealed!

DBS CG: Brand New Booster Set Revealed!

Following the release of the well-received Supreme Rivalry booster set last week, Bandai is wasting no time in moving onto the next exciting chapter in the DBS CG.

Taking to their official DBS CG social media account and sharing a trailer, Bandai delivered the ‘Big announcement’ they recently promised by revealing the brand new ‘Unison Warriors – Boost’ series. Boost cards will allow a player to transfer Unison Markers to unlock a ‘Spirit Boost’ ability on another Battle Card. 

Two brand new Expansion Sets will be arriving with this next phase of the DBS CG, with the Saiyan Boost and Namekian Boost sets. Each set will have 2 UW4 packs and a Battle evolution pack, as well as coloured dice.

DBS CG New Booster Set
DBS CG New Booster Set

The Future UW Booster Sets – 

In recent weeks, news of the future UW series has been revealed. UW5, which is rumoured to be called ‘Cross Spirits’, first showed up on the Asia version of the DBS CG official website on March 25th and was later added to other countries. This set is scheduled for a July release, although looking back at the delays caused by the pandemic in the past 12 months, it could be pushed back to August at the latest. 

The Unison Warrior Series set 5 [DBS-B14] will focus on moments in the Dragon Ball series where characters absorbed, gathered or gave their Ki to defeat evil. With this theme comes a brand new skill called ‘Spirit Boost’, which brings a whole new dynamic to the DBS CG. Also, player’s will experience Unison Cards like never before, with brand new mechanics that could quite literally be a game-changer. 

This set is made up of 292 cards – 60 Commons, 38 Uncommons, 30 Rares, 23 Super Rares (SR), 10 Special Rares (SPR) and 3 Secret Rares (SCR), which is the same proportions as the other Unison Warrior booster sets.

Information for Unison Warriors set 6 has also been revealed recently, teasing a November 2021 release date. Although the set hasn’t been named yet, we do know that it will be themed around Saiyan warriors, both good and evil, going head to head. These characters will include Broly, Turles and evil Vegeta, as well as hero Saiyans like Gohan, Goten and of course, Goku. 

The seven Xeno Shadow Dragon will also appear in UW6. This includes three Xeno versions of Omega Shenron, Nuova Shenron and Rage Shenron. With the Shadow Dragons coming with UW5, you will be able to create the ultimate Xeno Shadow Dragon deck! 

Bandai has hinted at another big announcement on June 18th. Could this bring us more information on UW5 and UW6? 

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