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DBS CG – Vegeta, Furious Awakening Metal Card

In our previous article, we discussed the 2019 National Championship Metal Cards and their incredible rarity. Now, we will discuss another Metal Card awarded at a side event held at the very same tournament, which has gone on to be one of the rarest prize cards in the DBS CG. 

Draft Box 4: Dragon Brawl 

The 4th Draft Box in the DBS CG was released on October 11th, 2019. The set came with 280 cards in total, which injected 103 brand new cards into the TCG overall. The box came with 24 packs of Draft boosters, as well as 4 ‘Vegeta, Furious Awakening’ Leader Cards. This set also introduced a new type of rare, Duo Power Rare (DPR), which bought some vibrant new connecting artwork cards with fantastic foiling styles.

To celebrate the release of this Draft Box, Bandai organised a side event at the 2019 National Championships for it. Those who were knocked out of the main event could take part, giving them the chance to win a Metal version of the ‘Vegeta, Furious Awakening’ Leader, which was the focus of Draft Box 4: Dragon Brawl. 

Vegeta Furious Awakening

The Rarity of The Card

Only two copies of each card were ever given out in the participating regions, which were the U.S, Latin America, Oceania and the EU, as each location only ran two tournaments each. Because Asia didn’t run the side event at all, only eight copies of the Metal ‘Vegeta, Furious Awakening’ card currently exist.

Only three of the eight cards have been sent to PSA, all of which have achieved PSA 10 grades. For those who have read our previous articles on the 2018 and 2019 Metal prize Cards, you will know that all of them have been graded 10s, as the material used and the way they were made means that they have exceptional quality. 

Valuing the Metal ‘Vegeta, Furious Awakening’ is difficult, as there is barely any sales data. With that being said, there is currently one up for sale on TCG Player for $100K, which has been listed since 2020. There is another that was listed on eBay for the same price, only the listing was eventually removed by the seller. 

Vegeta Furious Awakening
Source (@Pokemoncollectibles)

Badai stopped awarding Metal Cards as their top prizes after the 2019 Championships, with no indication that they intend on producing them again. Although there are only nine variations in existence, because of their incredible rarity, assembling a master set is close to impossible, not to mention unbelievably expensive.

If you would like to learn more about the rarest cards in the DBS CG, head over to our article here. To keep up to date with all Dragon Ball Super Card Game updates, make sure to follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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