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DBS CG – Which Starter Deck is best? Part 1

Starter Decks can be an ideal way of getting into a new TCG, but with there being so many to choose from in the DBS CG, which one is the best to start out with? In this article, we will take a look at every Starter Deck in the game and discuss why you should, or shouldn’t, choose to play them.

SD 01: The Awakening 

This Starter Deck was the first to be introduced into the DBS CG, and as a result, has now become one of the worst to start out with. This is because it has become outdated, lacking the modern game mechanics that are now crucial to play. Although the deck is considered slow in today’s standard, the Leader, ‘SSGSS Son Goku, The Soul Striker’  is actually incredibly powerful. It is so good, in fact, that it earned itself a reboot version. Because of the age and collectability of this deck, they can sell for over £100 ($140), which definitely isn’t worth spending if you are looking to play with it. 

DBS CG Starter Deck

SD 02: Extreme Evolution 

The second Starter Deck in the DBS CG is fronted by Super Saiyan Goku in kid form. Fans of the Dragon Ball GT series will get a kick out of this deck, which uses the ‘EX-Evolve’ keyword skill to power up the Trunks and  Goku cards. 

DBS CG Starter Deck

SD 03: Dark Invasion

The third DBS CG Starter Deck introduced ‘The Masked Saiyan Bardock’ Leader, which makes using the Over-Realm keyword skill even easier. It is a really fun deck with some powerful cards, like ‘Killer Sword Trunks’, that can be played by using Xeno-Evolve. This card has Double Strike and has the ability to play a Battle Card that you sent to the warp with Over-Realm. 

DBS CG Starter Deck

SD 04: Guardian of Namekians

Bandai steered away from the Saiyan theme with Starter Deck 4, focusing on Piccolo Jr and his father. Although several of King Piccolo’s henchmen appear in this deck, there are also some notable Nameks such as Guru, Saonel and Dende. Unfortunately, this deck works with getting weaker cards on the field in order to take advantage of the ‘Bond’ keyword skill, a strategy that is considered too slow now. Although the Piccolo jr Leader is very average, its awakened side does have the ability to KO a level 5 or lower card by spending a green energy. This isn’t a bad effect, but as the game gets into the later stages and the bigger cards are played, it won’t be very useful. 

SD 05: Crimson Saiyan 

The Crimson Saiyan introduced the ‘Goku’s Lineage’ archetype that played an important role in the Universal Onslaught booster set. This deck is not only incredibly fun to play but is also one of the more powerful DBS CG Starter Decks. When the Leader awakens, it switches two energy to Active, gains Critical and can get a nice power boost of +5000.  

New ‘Goku’s Lineage’ cards will arrive with the Supreme Rivalry booster set releasing on May 12th. To check out some of the best cards from this set, click here

SD 06: Resurrected Fusion

Resurrected Fusion bought Gogeta, a fan favourite from Dragon Ball Z, into the DBS CG. This Starter Deck is a fun deck with a pretty powerful Leader who can give itself ‘Double Strike’ when using the ‘Sparking 5’ skill.  Also, if you drop a card from your hand, you can prevent your opponent from using more than one ‘Counter’ during your turn, which could be devastating if you are planning an all-out assault on their Life. 

SD 7: Shenron’s Advent

Shenron’s Advent is one of the most fun Starter Decks in the DBS CG. It brought the ‘Wish’ mechanic into the game and allowed players to awaken their Leader when all seven dragon balls were in the drop area. At the time of its release in 2018, this deck was pretty powerful. In fact, Bandai had to Errata several cards to weaken it. Unfortunately, the changes took a lot of Shenron’s magic away.

If you are interested in learning about the most recent Starter Decks, make sure you keep your eyes open for the second part of this article. If you would to keep up to date with the latest DBS CG news, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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