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DBS CG – Which Starter Deck is best? Part 2

Starter Decks can be an ideal way of getting into a new TCG, but with there being so many to choose from in the DBS CG, which one is the best to start out with? In this article, we will take a look at every Starter Deck in the game and discuss why you should, or shouldn’t, choose to play them. 

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SD 08: Rising Broly 

Broly is a character that gets a lot of love in the DBS CG, and this Starter Deck is no exception.  Rising Broly has increased in value since its release because of how good it is. The deck is themed around the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie that was released in 2018. The Broly Leader in this deck is incredibly powerful when awakened, with a ‘Sparking 7’ skill which allows you to draw cards each turn until you have 6 in your hand. Also, by sacrificing one of your own Battle Cards, you can KO one of your opponents! 

DBS CG Starter Deck

SD 09: Saiyan Legacy

Saiyan Legacy was an important Starter Deck, as it marked the introduction of dual coloured cards. It was included within the DBS CG tutorial app, which means that it is a Starter Deck that many new players will be familiar with if they used the app to learn the rules. Although this deck is easy to get the hang of and offers some big damage situations, it can be a little slow. 

DBS CG Starter Deck

SD 10: Parasitic Overlord

The Parasitic Overlord deck is a great deck for beginners and really packs a punch. Another Starter Deck based on the Dragon Ball GT series, the Baby Leader can attack multiple times to put pressure on the opponent. The deck’s ‘Brainwashed’ theme makes it fun, with cards like ‘Bulma, Brainwashed’ supporting other Baby cards in the deck. 

DBS CG Starter Deck

SD 11: Instinct Surpassed

This deck also uses dual coloured cards, with it being made up of blue and red. This deck unites members of ‘Universe 7’ and is a great stepping in point for fans of the Dragon Ball Super anime and the characters of the Tournament of Power series. This deck includes Senzu Bean, which is one of the most staple cards for blue players. Instinct Surpassed is definitely one of the best Starter Decks in the DBS CG, which can fill the field with some powerful Battle Cards. 

SD 12: Spirit of Potara

Another deck that introduced Unison cards into the game, the Spirit of Potara focuses on Vegito and Gogeta. This DBS CG Starter Deck not only plays fantastic but comes with some staple cards that are still incredibly relevant in the current game. These cards include ‘Whis’s Coercion’, ‘Dimension Magic’ and the ‘Son Gohan, Accelerated slam’ Super-Combo card. This Starter Deck is extremely powerful and will give some meta decks a run for their money. 

SD 13: Clan Collusion

Frieza is arguably the most iconic villain in the Dragon Ball series, whose evil and cruelty is hard to surpass. For those wanting to play on the side of the bad guys, you can try Clan Collusion. This deck was the first to include a Unison card in it. Also, it was the first Starter Deck not to have the hero on the front of the box, instead choosing to display ‘Frieza: Xeno, Darkness Overflowing’ instead. This deck is made up of Frieza’s strongest allies, with cards like ‘Ginyu, Frieza’s Greatest Soldier’ working with the Leader and Unison card to power them up.

SD 14: Saiyan Wonder

The Saiyan Wonder Starter Deck is a solid build, although it could be a little intimidating for players brand new to the game. The Vegeks leader, a father and son fusion from the DBS Heroes series, is extremely interesting to play because of its ‘Sparking 20’ skill that prevents you from running out of cards. Also, its ability to give your Unison Cards ‘Double Strike’ by dumping 5 cards from the top of your deck provides great aggro. The ‘Bibidi Primeval Conjurer’ in this Starter Deck is one of the best black Super Combo cards in DBS CG, gaining +1000 Power for every card in the drop and warp, which could be devastating to your opponent. 

Although Starter Decks 15 and 16 have been announced, their cards and leaders are still being kept a mystery. What Bandai has teased, however, is the silhouette of each Leader, which has opened their identity up for debate. To see which characters could be the focus of the next Starter Decks, check out our article – Starter Deck 15/16 Silhouette Speculations.

We have only covered the regular Starter Decks in this article. To learn more about the Expert Decks, watch out for our future article. 

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