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DBS CG – Will players ever get a game app?

DBS CG Online App

On March 25th, Magic launched its ‘Magic the Gathering: Arena’ App, available on both iOS and Android. Those who had previously played the game on PC were even able to log in with their previous accounts, allowing them to keep their card collection. With such an old game getting a new mobile client, it brings up a burning question – will the DBS CG get its own App?

Convenience – 

Although playing in person is an experience like nothing else, especially at tournaments, the convenience of being able to pull out your phone and face an opponent at the drop of a hat is very appealing. Obtaining and building decks virtually doesn’t take up any space and takes away the need to track down physical single cards, which can often force players to turn to the more expensive secondary market. Of course, in most cases, real-world money does have to be spent on ‘virtual’ packs to obtain all of the cards needed for a specific deck. In the case of the Pokemon TCG, they include QR codes with each physical booster pack, which allows a virtual pack to be opened in the App. This gives extra value to physical booster packs for those who also intend in playing online. 

Playing During Covid – 

When the Covid-19 Pandemic forced stores to close, many regular players were cut off from their competitive fix. If there were a DBS CG App, players would have had the opportunity to play, although it would have lacked the social aspect of the TCG. If an App was already up and fully working, tournaments could be played through them, eliminating any concerns about webcam cheating and keeping things regulated. 

Some Players are shy to play on camera – 

Many players have taken to their webcams to challenge each other, which has proved to be a viable way to play the game, especially during the pandemic. One problem, however, is that not everyone is confident enough to participate in webcam matches, especially if they are newer to the game and are worried about making wrong plays. This is where an App would be perfect, ensuring that cards are played correctly.

Unofficial Apps 

There are a number of ‘Table Top Simulators’ that let players upload their decks and play the DBS CG. Although these allow players to find new opponents and challenge friends, they do require the players to take care of everything as there are no automatic processes – making it similar to playing in person. A problem with this is that it can sometimes be difficult to quickly manage all the cards on the field and only offers text-based communication between players, unless skype or Discord is used.

Use The Tutorial As The Foundation – 

The DBS CG tutorial is a helpful way to learn the game, packaged in an incredibly well-polished format. In fact, many new players who come across the tutorial often mistake it for a fully functioning online App. What is more, the tutorial is constantly being updated to cater to updated rules and skill types. If Bandai were ever to make an online client for players to use, the tutorial app could be used as the foundation. The biggest problem with this, however, is that Bandai has released thousands and thousands of DBS cards since it began, some of which have very complicated mechanics. This means that a lot of work would have to be done to update it. To combat this colossal task, they could do what the Pokemon TCG did with their App and only include the most recent cards. In fact, QR cards could be included in future booster packs, just like Pokemon, so that virtual card packs can be obtained. 


Unfortunately, it seems like Bandai don’t have any initial plans to release a DBS CG Game App, as they have stated that they “are not looking into it”. This is most likely because the card game IP and video game IP rights are not governed by the same legal agreements, which means a lot of work would have to be done to obtain the rights to the card images.This doesn’t mean that it is completely out of the question, but for right now, it isn’t on the cards. 

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