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DBS Cross Spirits Market Watch – Top Rarity Values

Today (August 13th) marks the official release of the Cross Spirits booster set. Although cards are already on the market following the pre-release period, today is the day where fans will be able to get stuck into their booster boxes and hopefully pull some of the top cards from the set. 

The SRs & SPRs – 

The two most valuable SRs of Cross Spirits are ‘Son Goku, Divine Presence’ and ‘Jiren, Zenith of Power’, which can be attributed to the popularity of Goku and Jiren within the Dragon Ball Super series, as well as the impressive artwork seen in these cards. While some SRs of this set get the SPR treatment, both of these do not. These cards will also be sought after by players for their impressive skills in play. ‘Son Goku, Divine Presence’ is currently worth around $17, while ‘Jiren, Zenith of Power’ is currently selling for $20, despite only having a market guide of $12.60 on TCG Player. 

Cross Spirits
Cross Spirits

Currently, the two most expensive SPRS are ‘SS4 Gogeta, Thwarting the Dark Empire’ which have been selling between $25 and $35, and ‘Great Saiyaman, the Mysterious Hero’, $13 to $20. 

Cross Spirits
Cross Spirits

The SCRS – 

‘Super 17, Sibling Absorbed’ was met with mixed reviews when it was revealed last month. This wasn’t because of its skills, but for the artwork which referenced the merging of Super 17 and Android 18 seen in Dragon Ball Heroes. Regardless, this card holds a value of $133 on TCG Player, although active listings are ranging between $160 and $205. If these copies sell, then we may see a slight increase in its market value next week. 

‘Majin Buu, Kibito Kai Absorbed’ is the second most valuable card in the Cross Spirits set, mainly because it will be wanted by both collectors and players alike. It is currently has a TCG Player market guide of $200, although there isn’t enough sales data to back this value at the moment. There is currently a listing selling as low as $160 with another up for $220. The limited sales of both of these cards are most likely a result of people waiting to see how their values change after more go up for sale. 

The Top Card – 

The most valuable card from this set is easily ‘SS Son Goku & Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion’. This card checks every box when it comes to giving a DBS CG card a lot of promise for the future. It has incredible artwork, the highest booster rarity, portrays the most iconic characters in the entire Dragon Ball franchise and is formidable in play. 

In just one week, the cheapest listings for this card on TCG Player have gone from $387 to $449. The eBay sold listings of this card have been creeping up in the last couple of days, with one selling for $410 on August 11th and then another for $449 today (August 13th). We will see more ‘SS Son Goku & Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion’ cards coming onto the market with the release of the Cross Spirits set, which could affect the price. Those undercutting the current value for a quick sale may cause its guide price to drop if enough people follow suit. In the following months, the graded versions will return, which will begin to establish the true value of this card. Whether ‘SS Son Goku & Frieza’ is the next ‘Awakened Power’ or ‘Apex’ is yet to be seen, but those buying them now may be doing so in the hopes that it will see a healthy growth in value in the coming years, just like those previous chase cards. 

To learn more about this card, make sure to read our article – SS Son Goku & Frieza: The next big chase card?. If you would like to follow the progress of this card, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook, as we will be reviewing the progress of this card one week after its official release. 

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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