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DBS & Digimon TCG crossover leaked!

DBS Digimon Crossover

After a successful sweepstakes campaign earlier this year, that awarded lucky winners a binder of 6 Digimon promo cards and Two DBS CG cards, it seems that Bandai has decided to merge their two TCGs again. This Christmas, there will be another sweepstakes competition that will bring the two different universes together in a way that has never been done before.

When it comes to Dragon Ball Super, having different universes and alternate futures isn’t a new thing, but what about a universe where their sister franchise, Digimon, can co-exist? This is the first leaked image of one of the cards that will make up the Christmas sweepstakes binder. According to a reputable source, three cards will be playable in DBS CG, and the other three will be playable in the Digimon TCG. 

Digimon DBS Crossover

Our Bandai leak, who has been asked to be identified as ‘LOOF’, has said that the design team are excited to share their designs, but it is this ‘Goku & Angemon, Heavenly Protectors’ promo that they are most excited about. Other designs currently being worked on are ‘Great Ape Etemon – Saiyan Singer’, ‘Time Hopping Clockmon and Trunks’ and ‘Gatomon and Korin – the Purrrrrfect Force’. 

The reason for the leak is down to an issue at Bandai HQ. According to LOOF, he did not receive his Easter egg early like the other designers. After hearing nothing back from his bosses, he forwarded this early draft of ‘Goku & Angemon, Heavenly Protectors’ to Ludkins Media in the hopes that it will put pressure on them. LOOF said that if he doesn’t receive a Smarties Easter Egg, or at the very least, a couple of Cadbury Cream Eggs before leaving for the weekend, another card will be revealed. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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