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DBS Movie: Super Hero Details – What does this mean for the TCG?

Over the weekend, the New York Comic-Con was held in the Javits Center. During this iconic annual convention, a panel was held discussing more details about the upcoming DBS Movie: Super Hero . The feature-length film is set for a 2022 release date, with creators hoping that they can settle on a date for both the Japanese and English versions to release simultaneously. 

The New York Comic-Con panel on the DBS Movie: Super Hero was hosted by the English voice actors for Whis and Bulma, Ian Sinclair and Monica Rial. The pair were also joined, via stream, by the executive producer of the new movie,  Akio Iyoku and producer Norihiro Hayashida. During the panel, a short trailer for the movie was shown, revealing a new animation style that closely resembles the cut scenes seen in recent Dragon Ball video games such as Kakarot. 

The Visuals – 

The most striking details shared about the new DBS Movie: Super Hero is the new visual style. This is like nothing we have seen in a Dragon Ball series or movie, with the closest thing being the cut scenes in games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Kakarot. Obviously, a lot more work has gone into them to make them appear slicker and more eye-catching.  We have seen a diverse array of illustration styles since the birth of the Dragon Ball Super CG – does this mean we will see this new CG style artwork in the DBS CG? The visuals of the film have been met with criticism, with those accustomed to the more traditional anime not liking the new look, which may affect its initial reception.

More Broly Cards?

DBS CG Movie Hero

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted Broly within the smoke when Goku is seen training on Beerus’s planet. This time around, the angry Saiyan seems to be working on the good side. Does this mean even more Broly cards are on the way? We know there will be a number of new Broly cards in the Saiyan Showdown booster releasing on November 5th, but can we except a set based on the 4th movie in the Dragon Ball Super series?  Maybe we will see blue Broly cards enter the DBS CG.

Piccolo and Pan cards – 

In the trailer, we see a slightly older Pan training. Although the moment was short, an answer given by Toshio Furukawa during the panel explains that piccolo will be training Pan, much like he did with Gohan, only with a more ‘grandfather’ approach, rather than the rough treatment Gohan got during the Saiyan saga. Could this mean we will see cards with both characters together? Maybe connecting art cards like ‘Pan, Proudest Daughter’ & ‘Hercule, Proudest Grandpa’. 

DBS CG Movie Hero

Are these the new villains?

Two brand new characters called Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, who seem to be villains, will be appearing in the new movie. We know next to nothing about these two finned aliens, but it is very likely that they will make an appearance in the DBS CG at some point, maybe within cards to help promote the movie. 

DBS Movie: Super Hero will be set after the Broly movie but just before the 28th World Tournament. When asked whether it takes place before or after the next Dragon Ball Super series, which will be the Granolah arc, executive producer Akio Iyoku chose to stay quiet as it could give spoilers.  The team at the panel promised that the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie will ‘surpass all expectations’. Let’s hope any DBS CG sets that focus on this new movie also goes a long way in impressing and satisfying fans of the game. 

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