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DBZ 32nd Anniversary – Iconic moments in the DBS CG

This week marks the 32nd Anniversary of the Dragon Ball Z anime series that first aired in Japan on April 26th. To celebrate this, we will take a look at the most iconic DBZ moments that have made it into the DBS CG.  

Piccolo Kills Goku and Raditz 

The first episode of Dragon Ball Z started things off with a bang. It was the first time we learned about Goku’s otherworldly origins and his brother, who had stopped by for an unfriendly visit. 

Realising how unbelievably outpowered they were against Raditz, Goku decided to take one for the team and hold back his brother so that Piccolo could use his Special Beam Cannon  attack on him.

DBZ Moments In DBS CG

Piccolo Dies For Gohan 

Piccolo’s redemption arc is completed when he throws himself in front of a frightened Gohan to take the deadly blast of the Saiyan invader Nappa. This was the moment that Piccolo discovered friendship and love, a notion voiced by the green Namek himself when he tearily thanked the boy for everything before dying. I’m not crying, you are…

DBZ Moments In DBS CG

Frieza Kills Krillin 

They don’t come more evil than the tyrant Frieza. One moment that truly showed his viciousness was when he tossed Krillin up into the air and blew him apart like a Piñata dressed in Saiyan armour. 

The card based on this moment is strangely called ‘Human Shield Krillin’, which doesn’t really fit the situation at all. With that being said, it’s probably better than ‘pop goes the weasel Krillin’

DBZ Moments In DBS CG

Goku Turns Super Saiyan For The First Time

As a response to Krillin being blown up by Frieza, Goku taps into the power of a Super Saiyan for the very first time. This epic moment will be forever be remembered fondly by kids who grew up in the 90s. 

‘SS Son Goku, the Legend Personified’ is a fantastic full art SR that captures the incredible power of Goku. This card’s ‘Bond 3’ skill is quite fitting, as prior to Krillin’s death, there was only Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin around him. The ‘Frieza Showdown Son Goku’ card is even more appropriate, as it requires a Krillin card to be in the Drop Area to play it directly from the hand. 

DBZ Moments In DBS CG

Goku Sacrifices Himself To Stop Cell

After Gohan’s rage bought out a power much greater than Cell’s, the 13-year-old warrior became too cocky and decided to punish him for fun rather than finish him off quickly. Unfortunately, this allowed Cell to activate his self-destruct mechanism that would result in the whole planet blowing up. As every good parent does, Goku stepped in to clean up Gohans mess – transporting himself and Cell to King Kai’s planet to save the earth. It is definitely one of the most heroic moments in the DBZ that made it into the DBS CG.

Father and Son Kamehameha 

So what happens when a 13-year-old boy sees their father sacrifice themself, watch a guy get his head stomped in, and a friend get shot through the chest? Well, besides years and years of therapy, a fountain of unbelievable power that can vaporise every last cell of a killer android from the future.

The iconic moment where a ghostly Goku lends his injured son some energy is arguably the most iconic of the Dragon Ball Z series. It closes a story that began way back in the Saiyan Saga when Piccolo saw Gohan’s potential and knew he was special. The Bandai team also appreciate how epic this moment was, creating lots of cards based on it. 

Vegeta’s Sacrifice 

Prior to the Buu Saga, you wouldn’t expect Vegeta to throw his plastic cup into the recycling, let alone sacrifice himself to save the planet from Majin Buu. What makes Vegeta’s sacrifice even more moving is that he managed to break through mind control, which showed fans precisely how his feelings had changed toward earth. The sad twist of fate is that the plan didn’t work and Buu survived. The ‘Final Explosion’ card shows the iconic pose just before Vegeta self-destructs with energy. 

Goku’s Spirit Bomb

When Goku resorts to the Spirit Bomb, you know he means business. When fighting Buu, Goku made his biggest one yet, thanks to the energy of everyone on the planet. This moment makes everyone in the Dragon Ball series, old and new, a hero. The artwork of the ‘To Save the Earth’ card shows the Spirit Bomb from below, giving justice to its incredible size. 

The next Booster set in the DBS CG, UW5, will be based around the theme of gathering Ki. Will we see this moment recreated again in card form? To learn more about the future DBS CG sets, check out our article here

Goku and Uub Leave

After Buu is reincarnated as a boy free of all evil, Goku and Uub leave together to start a new chapter. This brings an end to Dragon Ball Z and ties the entire series up in a nice little bow. It encapsulates what the Dragon Ball franchise is all about – growth, hope and overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

It is an impressive feat for an anime to see its 32nd Anniversary and still be incredibly popular, as is the case with Dragon Ball Z. Although we have touched upon some of the most iconic DBZ moments that have made it into the DBS CG, there are others yet to get their own card.  

If you would like to see how the new booster set, Supreme Rivalry, will be incorporating Dragon Ball Z characters into some of their SPRs, check out our article – The SPRs of Supreme Rivalry.

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