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Digimon Card Game – 10 most expensive Next Adventure cards

With it being just over a week since the release of the Next Adventure booster, we now have our early values of the set. Some of these cards are achieving some really respectable prices, in fact, the two alt art versions of Lucemon: Chaos Mode and Susanoomon are currently some of the most valuable cards that can be pulled from booster packs. 

Disclaimer – All of the prices mentioned in this article reflect the time of writing (14/03/22) and are subject to change). 

Flamemon (Alt Art)

The most valuable Rare in the Next Adventure set is the alt art version of Flamemon. This is mainly down to its use in Susanoomon and Hybrid decks, as well as the increased rarity that comes with alt arts. 

TCG Player value: $20 – $22

eBay value: $20

Next Adventure
Next Adventure

Cherubimon (Alt Art)

The new Cherubimon alt art coming with the Next Adventure set looks incredibly creepy, showing the last moments of a poor Digimon who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

TCG Player value: $21 – $25

eBay value: $20$22

MagnaGarurumon (Alt Art)

Although SRs are a lower rarity than SECs, the alternate art versions are always more difficult to pull, which propels them to the higher end of the market. One good example of this is MagnaGarurumon.

TCG Player value: $25

eBay value: $24$35

Lucemon: Chaos Mode

In the Frontier series, Lucemon achieves his Chaos Mode by absorbing the data of his Royal Knights, overwhelming EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon in their fight. Lucemon wields both the power of light and darkness, which gives him the ability to force a path to the Real World, threatening all of existence. 

TCG Player value: £26 – $30

eBay value: $30

Dorugoramon (Alt Art)

Dorugoramon is an X-Antibody Digimon that has appeared in several Digimon video games and will now be debuting in the Digimon Card Game. 

TCG Player value: $43 – $45

eBay value: $32$36

Next Adventure


In the anime, Susanoonmon is formed after Koichi sacrificed himself to save the other Tamers from Lucemon Chaos Mode, after giving his Digispirit of Darkness to his brother Koji. Along with Takuya, all twenty Digispirits combined to create the legendary Susanoonmon.

TCG Player value: $40

eBay value: $34 $45

Dorumon (Alt Art)

Dorumon is a prototype Digimon who is carrying the X-Antibody vaccine that makes Digimon immune to the X-Program. It’s always nice to see new Rookies enter the game and Dorumon seems like one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

TCG Player value: $45

eBay value: $30  

Next Adventure

EmperorGreymon (Alt Art)

It’s no surprise that the EmperorGreymon alt art is the third most expensive card in the Next Adventure set, not only for its uses in play but also for the fantastic artwork illustration completed by Sasasi.

TCG Player value: $43

eBay value: $35$40

Lucemon: Chaos Mode (Alt Art)

The alt art versions of SECs are usually the most valuable of a set. This is certainly the case for Lucemon: Chaos Mode and Susanoomon. As these Digimon clashed in the Frontier series, it is only fitting that these two Digimon were selected for this Frontier themed set. 

TCG Player value: $50

eBay value: $45$70

Next Adventure

Susanoomon (Alt Art)

TCG Player value: $65 – $69

eBay value: $51$70

The most valuable card in the entire Next Adventure booster is the alternate art Susanoomon, with artwork that makes it appear righteous and godly. This card will be at the epicentre of many Hybrid decks, which will no doubt be a factor in this card’s current value. 

The first set of 2022, the Next Adventure booster, welcomes Digimon from the Frontier series and introduces some very interesting new archetypes to mix things up within the meta. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming products and sets heading to the Digimon Card Game, check out our articles below – 

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