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Digimon Card Game – 2021 Championship Finals start this weekend

The 2021 Championship is drawing to an end, as the finals begin this weekend for Europe and Latin America, with the North America and Oceania finals taking place the weekend after. The Digimon Card Game Championship will see top players from around the world clash to claim the top prize cards and get the chance to compete at the World Championship. 

The 2021 Championship will be the culmination of organised events throughout 2021, with the Finals just days from kicking off. This is the first of its kind for the Digimon Card Game, offering up several prizes for those who rank the highest. 

Judge Pack – 

Those judging at the Championships will receive Judge Packs with 10 cards up for grabs. Each card has been selected from different boosters with a gold ‘Digimon Card Game Judge‘ stamp on it. 

2021 Championship Finals

Event Pack 2 Cards –

As was the case with the first Event Packs, the cards available at the Digimon TCG Final Championship will alternate arts of booster pack cards. Although there are several cards coming with Event Pack 2, our favourites are the Agumon and Gabumon chains that have fractured glass looking backgrounds.

2021 Championship Finals

Event Pack Alt-Art Gold Stamp Set –

The Gold Stamp prize cards lend more from their original card arts, only with a stamp on the corner. Among our favourites is the creepy DanDevimon and the WarGreymon that originally came with the first Starter Deck. BushiAgumon also looks incredibly cool with the block ink style artwork.

2021 Championship Finals

Memory Gauges –

The top 32 players and Finalists of the Digimon TCG Final Championship 2021 will receive exclusive Memory Gauges. The art design for the top 32 memory gauge comes from the Greymon and Garurumon Event Pack artwork, which is a really nice touch.

Play Mat –

There will be six different play mats to win during the Digimon TCG Final Championship 2021, with there being variations for participants, the top 32, 3rd place, 2nd place, Judge playmats and the overall Champion. Although all of them look great, it is the iconic promo artwork mat handed out to all participants that we like the most as it is incredibly fitting for the first anniversary of the game.

2021 Championship Finals

Framed Prize Cards –

Currently, the appearance of the trophies have not been shared by Bandai. What we have seen, however, is the top three framed prize cards that will no doubt achieve incredibly high values due to their scarcity and the exclusivity to event winners. The top 16 players will receive the Greymon card, which has a strange green tint and yellow detailing. Those who land in the top 3 will receive the MetalGreymon prize card, while 2nd place gets the WarGreymon. The overall winner will receive the Agumon – Bond of Bravery card, which is a fitting choice as Double Diamond is still the most recent main booster set in the game. What is really nice about these prize cards is that the circuit board backgrounds have returned, which were first seen in the Special Release Booster 1.0 Dash Packs when the game was initially released. These prize cards have a metallic appearance with foiling that will add to the effect. These cards will become some of the most valuable cards in the entire Digimon Card Game and will no doubt become grail cards for collectors in the future. 

It will be interesting to see what decks come out on top during the 2021 Championship Finals and which players will take the top spots to take on the World Championship. If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest Digimon Card Game news, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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