Digimon Card Game 2022 Summer Dash Pack

Dash pack 5 is heading to the Digimon Card Game this summer and will be given out to players who buy two sealed booster boxes at once. What makes this Dash Pack different to the ones we have seen in the past is that one pack will be given to a customer who buys any booster and is not limited to the latest set.

2022 Summer Dash Packs will contain one of three alt art foil cards that are all Option cards. These cards are BT5-097 Absolute Blast, BT7-100 Qualialise Blast and BT8-102 Samadhi Santi. Absolute Blast trashes the bottom digivolution of an opponent’s Digimon, and then returns a Digimon with no Digivolutions beneath it. This allows it to strip away useful Inherited Effects or take out a low-level Digimon that has no Digivolution cards beneath it after using this card. The memory cost of Qualialise Blast is reduced by the number of cards in your security stack, which makes it more useful as the game goes on. This card reduces an enemy Digimon by -3000 DP for the turn, while giving a Rasenmon Security Attack +1. For just one memory, Samadhi Santi suspends one of your opponent’s Digimon or Tamers at the cost of suspending one of your own Digimon. 

2022 Summer Dash Pack
2022 Summer Dash Pack

The Summer 2022 Dash Pack wasn’t given out in Japan, but the cards were included in the Japanese exclusive Limited Card Set ONLINE. The Premium Deck Set coming in October will include more cards from this set, including alt art versions of Fly Bullet, Judgement of the Blade and Brave Metal. If you would like to learn more about this product, as well as all the other products coming before the end of the year, check out our article here.

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media


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