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Digimon Card Game – a closer look at the Premier TO prize cards

In June last year, the Premier TO tournaments returned to the Digimon TCG, which were held over webcam to abide by the worldwide Covid-19 restrictions. Because of this, entry to the tournament became very accessible to many players all across the globe. Although players were eager to win the Great Legends booster box and the Champion’s ‘Special Event Invitation’ that was up for grabs at the time, it was the top prize cards that players were eager to win. 

The first large scale Digimon TCG tournament, the Premier TO event, was held in March 2021 but had very different prizes compared to later events. The winners of these events were given a set of sleeves, a card case and the winner’s playmat, with no unique cards up for grabs. That all changed in June of that year, when three promo cards were added to the prize pool, injecting the first prizes that quickly became the most valuable cards on the Digimon Card Game market.

Premier TO Koromon

Everyone participating in the Premier TO tournament was given a Koromon BT5-001 alternate art, along with some Digi-Egg deck protectors and a Great Legends booster pack. There haven’t been many raw sales of this card on eBay, with the last raw copy going for $35 in March, but it has been frequently selling on TCG Player for between $90 – $110. There haven’t been many graded sales in 2022, although a CGC 9 did sell on April 28th for $104. There are only 8 Koromon cards in the PSA registry, all of which achieving PSA 10s.

Premier TO Greymon

premier TO

Premier TO WarGreymon

The WarGreymon ST1-11 alternate art was the top prize card for the Premier TO event, awarded to those who placed in the top 8. Because of the exclusivity of this card, sales have been incredibly scarce. With that being said, a raw copy sold for $2300 on April 26th after a best offer was accepted, with a sale prior to that taking place on February 25th for around $2000. There are currently 16 copies of WarGreymon graded with PSA, with one being a PSA 7, one being a PSA 8, 12 being PSA 9s and just two of them being 10s. Due to the low number of cards in the population, there have been almost no graded sales this year.

premier TO

What makes the artwork of these three cards special is that they are all alternate art versions exclusive to the English game. Usually, it is Japanese cards that are introduced first, which makes these prize cards more desirable. All of them have been illustrated by three different artists in three different styles. The work of Tanimeso, Kenji Watanabe and Naochika Morishita is renowned throughout the Digimon Card Game, with the three artists being responsible for several popular cards.The texture of the prize cards is incredibly unique to the Digimon Card Game. The background, name and textbox have an intricate fingerprint style design, which leaves just the Digimon at the forefront of the card relatively untextured. 

premier TO

The Premier TO prize cards are well and truly collector pieces, as players already have very affordable versions of them. Since the last Premier TO event, we have seen more prize cards enter the Digimon Card Game, which have rivalled the incredible value of the Premier TO WarGreymon. These include the Omnimon alt art that came with the first Ultimate Cup, the Ulforceveedramon that came with the DC-1 Grand Prix, the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode that was recently awarded at the April Ultimate Cup and the framed cards awarded at the World Championships. If you would like to learn more about these cards, check out our links below – 

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Digimon Card Game – Ultimate Cup Top Prize Cards

World Championship 2021 – Omnimon framed prize card 

Digimon TCG Market Watch – Tournament Cards

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