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Digimon Card Game: Analog Youth and the story of Mameo

When the Classic Collection was released last year, it offered old school fans of the Digimon franchise a much-welcomed injection of nostalgia. The cards in the set borrowed the iconic card art from the Digi Battle and Hyper Colosseum games, with the alternate arts looking almost identical to their 90s counterparts. One card, however, stood out among the rest and focused on a character that was a mystery to many fans of the Digimon Card Game.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this article reflect the time of writing (13/04/22) and are subject to change.

In Analog Youth (EX1-066), we see a young boy accompanied by his Digimon friends. Although some instantly recognised the character, others did not. The reason for this is because the boy, known by fans as Analog Boy or ‘Mameo’, was the main character of the original Digimon World game that was released on the Playstation in 1999. 

Analog Boy later turned up in Digimon World: New Order as a supporting character. In the Digimon World: Next Order game, Analog Boy carries a Digi-Egg that is stuck in that stage because of the BH Program preventing it from hatching into a Digitama. Interestingly, the Analog Youth card isn’t the first time that Mameo has been involved in a Digimon Card Game, as the character appeared in Digital Card Battle, known as Digital Card Arena in Japan.

Analog Youth

This character never actually got an official name in the game as he was always named after the person playing (or any other inventive name they could come up with). With that being said, Luche, from  Digimon World: Next Order, affectionately gave him the nickname ‘Mameo’ because of the image of Mamemon on his hat. 

Analog Youth

The alternate art version of Analog Youth,  which came with the Classic Collection, is currently the most valuable card of the set, despite only being classed an ‘R’ rarity. On TCG Player, this card has been selling for between $83 and $90, while the latest sales on eBay have been around $65 and $80

Analog Youth

Both versions of Analog Youth were illustrated by legendary Digimon artist Kenji Watanabe who also happens to be one of the key people in the creation of the Digimon franchise. While the standard version of the card only shows Mameo and Koromon, the alternate art is a kind of ‘Where’s Waldo’ of the Digimon Card Game. Several Digimon that appeared in the Digimon World video game are dotted around, with several hiding in the background of the card art. Keen-eyed collectors of the Japanese Digimon Card Game may have noticed that the word ‘Digital’ on Analog Boy’s hat has been misspelt as ‘Degital’. Although Bandai has acknowledged this little blunder, they have also stated that they won’t be amending and re-printing the card in the future. With that being said, the mistake was corrected in the English version of the TCG.

Analog Youth

It is clear that Bandai are proud of their rich Digimon history with the number of references to their previous video games and card art. If you would like to learn more about the head nods to iconic artwork and characters from the past, check out our links below – 

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