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Digimon Card Game – April Ultimate Cup

Bandai has revealed a brand new competitive event taking place in April, which will be called the Ultimate Cup. This event will be the successor to last year’s Evolution Cup where players will get another chance to win the much sought after Omnimon alternate art, as well as some brand new Veemon chain reprints. 

The Ultimate Cup will be held online with webcam matches, although not all the organisers involved have been posted on the Digimon Card Game Website yet. This event will take place around April 24th and will run into the first week of May. The format will be best of 3 games that will have modified rules that are yet to be announced. It is also worth noting that there won’t be any Top Cut matches for the Ultimate Cup. 

Prizes – 

Those participating in the event will automatically get the DemiVeemon alt art promo card and two Event Pack 2 boosters. Those who battle their way into the top 128, will get the Veemon alt art, while ExVeemon will be awarded to those in the top 64. 

Ultimate Cup

The top 32 players will get their hands on this incredible looking Paildramon alt art ahead of its release in the Ultimate Ancient Dragon deck in May. Players who finish in the top 8 will win the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode alt art promo card, which we won’t see until the release of the New Awakening booster on May 9th.

Ultimate Cup

The Omnimon alt art, which was the top prize card of last year’s Evolution cup, will be making a return but this time donning the ‘Ultimate Cup’ stamp instead. This is a great way of continuing the circulation of this card without taking away the importance and rarity of last year’s version. 

Ultimate Cup

This Imperialdramon Paladin Mode alt art Promo Card will be the latest top champion prize card to enter the Digimon Card Game, which will take its throne beside the other top prize cards of the game – Omnimon alt art from the Evolution Cup, WarGreymon from the Premier TO events and the UlforceVeedramon from the DC-1 Grand Prix.

Ultimate Cup

After a year filled with competitive play, the Digimon Card Game has introduced several prize cards that have become the most valuable cards in the entire game. With the framed prize cards that will come with the Championship Finals and the World Championship, 2022 will inject even more cards that will no doubt become legendary as time goes on. The World Championship will take place this weekend, with the Qualifying Matches taking place on March 26th and Finals taking place on March 27th. To learn more about these prizes and how you can watch the event live, check out our article here

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