Digimon Card Game August 2022 Store Championship

The August 2022 Store Championship has been announced, giving players another opportunity to test their skills at their local game stores and win some fantastic prize cards in the process. For those living in North America, the stakes are even higher, as a finals invite at this year’s championship is up for grabs. 

The August 2022 Store Championship takes place between August 6th and August 25th and will also have an online format. The games will be 60 minutes, best of three-game matches, with no Top Cup after the Swiss Rounds. For those looking to win a Finals invite, make sure that you join an 8 or more-person event, as Champions who played in anything less than that won’t receive one. It is also important to remember that the invite prize only applies to players living in North America.

Store Championship Participant Pack – 

The Participant Pack will include a seven-card set consisting of several alt arts ranging from different boosters and starter decks. These include Wizardmon BT6-034, Tortomon BT7-045, Eyesmon: Scatter Mode BT7-069, Neemon BT7-080, MetalMamemon EX1-050, Guilmon ST7-03 and Coredramon ST8-06. All of these cards will come with the gold ‘2022 Store Participant’ stamp. 

 August 2022 Store Championship

Store Championship Champion Card Set – 

The Store Championship Champion Card Set will include the same seven card from the Participant Pack, only with the Champion stamp added instead. 

 August 2022 Store Championship

When the event locations start to appear, make sure you register for the events on the Bandai TCG+ website. More details about the upcoming National Finals are yet to be announced. To keep up to date with all the latest Championship updates, make sure to follow us on  Instagram and Facebook.

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