Digimon Card Game – August Regional Card Sets 

The newest round of prizes coming with the August Regional Card Sets have been revealed. These sets will include stamped cards, with the text differing depending on if they are from the Participation, Finalist, or Champion packs. The August Regional Card Sets will include several incredible alt arts from a selection of boosters and starter decks, including Guilmon from Battle of Omni and Paildramon from the Ultimate Ancient Dragon starter deck.

The cards included in the August Regional Card Sets will be ST9-05 Paildramon, ST7-06 GeoGreymon, BT8-053 Lighdramon, BT8-042 Shakkoumon, BT7-110 Evolution Ancient, BT7-062 Dorugamon and BT5-071 Guilmon. Depending on the prize set, these cards will have a gold stamp, just like we have seen in previous prize packs.

August Regional Card Sets 
August Regional Card Sets 
August Regional Card Sets 
August Regional Card Sets 

The next event to offer these brand new sets as prizes will be for Gen Con events taking place between August 4th and August 7th. Those who participate will receive the Participation Set,  which consists of 1 playmat, 60 sleeves and 8 cards – 4x Guilmon P-041 alt arts and 4x foiled Lightning Joust ST7-11. 

Schedule – 


Thursday August 4 – Ultimate Cup – $70 – 128 players

Friday August 5 – Regional – $74 – 256 players

Saturday August 6 – Regional – $74 – 256 players

Sunday August 7 – DC-1 – $70 – 128 players


(Registration for Online Play is believed to open up on July 10th, although this isn’t confirmed yet.)

Friday August 5 – DC-1 – $80 – 512 players 

Sunday August 7 – Regional – $80 – 512 

There will also be plenty of other games showcased at the Con, with plenty of TCG events taking place. To learn more, you can head over to the official website.  Registration links for these events are now live, for those who plan on entering the tournament. If you would like to check out more event prize cards, click on the links below – 

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