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Digimon Card Game – Ban and Restricted update

Bandai has released an update to their ban and Restricted list, which will take effect on February 1st for the Japanese version of the game, with the English version taking effect on February 25th when the pre-release for the Next Adventure booster set begins. 

Banned – 

Mega Digimon Fusion! (BT5-109)

Mega Digimon Fusion! Has been banned because when it’s combined with the Susanoomon card releasing in the Next Adventure set, it allows you to play the powerful card by skipping the Lv.6 Digimon. This would make it almost impossible for some players to catch up and get something to rival it. 

Digimon Card Game Ban

Limited to 1 – 

Reinforce Memory Boost! (BT6-100)

With the introduction of the new memory boost cards, that first came with Starter Deck 7 Gallantmon and Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon, it seems that Bandai has decided that Reinforce Memory Boost! Is now too overpowered for certain archetypes and colour mixing control decks. 

Digimon Card Game Ban

Ice Wall (EX1-068)

Bandai intended Ice Wall as a defence card but as it only has 1 cost, it was easily used to lock the opponent and slowed down the pace of the game. These newest additions will accompany Argomon and Hidden Potential Discovered, which were added back in February. 

Digimon Card Game Ban

Eyesmon (BT7-072) & SaviorHuckmon (BT6-015)

Following the release of the New Hero booster set in April, two more cards will be limited in play. These will be Eyesmon (BT7-072) and SaviorHuckmon (BT6-015). The reason for Eyesmon’s limit is because Eyesmon: Scatter mode makes it too easy to get Digimon in the Battle Area for no cost, as well as being able to replace your hand. The SaviorHuckmon (BT6-015) limit will be a hit for Jesmon decks, as it will curb its aggressive playstyle. 

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Bandai’s reason behind the changes is to scale back certain decks that appear to have a significant advantage within the metagame. This opens up the format to other types of decks and keeps the competitive landscape fresh. Do you agree with the latest ban and errata list? Let us know your thoughts on the original social media post for this article.

The latest changes to the ban and Restricted list will no doubt change up the game and bring new archetypes into relevancy, especially once the Next Adventure set releases on March 4th. To learn more about the latest Digimon Card Game set, you can check out our article below – 

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