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Digimon Card Game – best artwork of EX02 Digital Hazard

The second EX set, EX02 Digital Hazard, will hit shelves next week in Europe, Latin America and North America, while those in Oceania will have to wait a little longer. With the release of this latest booster right around the corner, in this article, we share our favourite card arts coming with this latest set that players and collectors alike will no doubt want to pull. 

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

Sakuyamon (standard) 

Sakuyamon is an elegant and serene-looking Digimon, which is captured perfectly in this card art. She is based on the kuda-gitsune of Japanese folklore, possessing the power of the four elements – Fire, Water, Wind, and Thunder. Sakuyamon will play a big part in the newest Renamon chain heading to the Digimon Card Game, which will focus on using the Plug-In cards also coming with EX02 Digital Hazard. 

EX02 Digital Hazard


The Leomon SR is one of the best artworks we have seen in a long time, with the depth and detail of the artwork looking intense. Leomon is a Digimon who has appeared multiple times throughout the anime as a force of good, who met a particularly gruesome end in the Tamers series when Beelzemon stabbed him with his claw. 

EX02 Digital Hazard


Digitama are often adorable, but when it comes to the mischievous Yaamon, we are always in store for a giggle. Take this latest version coming with the Digital Hazard set, where we see the Digimon causing chaos by spraying his fellow classmates with ink! Cards like this show that when it comes to great illustrations, it doesn’t matter about their rarity.

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode & Beelzemon Blast Mode (standard)

While it is usually the alt SECs that become the most valuable cards of any set, it doesn’t always mean that their artwork is far superior to their standard counterparts. A great example of this can be seen with Gallantmon: Crimson Mode & Beelzemon Blast Mode, which have clean illustrations, strong poses and are not heavy on action. For many, this helps fans appreciate the focus Digimon all the more. 

EX02 Digital Hazard

Digimon and Tamer cards

When the Next Adventure booster came out, Bandai released 8 Campaign Rares which showed  Mega form Digimon standing next to their Tamers from the original Digimon Adventure series.  It seems that these were a hit, as more are coming to the Engish version of the game in EX02 Digital Hazard. This time, we have characters from the Tamers series along with their companions, only this time they are scenes from the anime. 

EX02 Digital Hazard
EX02 Digital Hazard
EX02 Digital Hazard

Of course, these are just a few of our favourite cards, with plenty of other fantastic card arts being included. Just like the first EX set, the Classic Collection, this booster will be smaller, include lots of collectable alt arts, and will inject several brand new deck archetypes themed around the popular Digimon Tamers series. In previous articles, we have covered several of these chains, including the firey Guilmon, the adorable Terriermon and the devilish Beelzemon.

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media


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