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Digimon Card Game – BT10 Xros Encounter final market watch

Tomorrow, the next set in the Digimon Card Game, EX03 Draconic Roar, will be released (on November 11th). This EX set will be smaller, like the previous two, and will include several alt-art foils that will no doubt be sought after by collectors and players alike. Before this dragon theme set does hit the market, we take one final look at how BT10 Xros Encounter is performing.

Ghost’ Alphamon (Alt Art)

Last year’s incredibly rare Ghost Omnimon is getting some company as Gold Alphamon arrives with the Xros Encounter set. This time around, the artwork will have the outline of the Digimon covered in gold foil which will contrast against its black background.

TCG Player average price – N/A

eBay average price  – $700$800

Xros Encounter prices
Xros Encounter prices

Sakuyamon: Maid Mode (Alternate Art)

A new Renamon archetype will be included in the Xros Encounter booster, which will focus on the use of ‘Plugin’ Option cards, such as Strength Plug-in O and Defensive Plug-in C, also coming with this booster. The strongest Digivolution for this chain will be the elegant-looking Sakuyamon: Maid Mode. 

TCG Player average price – $45 – $50

eBay average price  – $45$50

Jesmon GX (Alt Art)

One of the secret rares coming with the Xros Encounter booster will be the Royal Knight Jesmon GX. Alongside the release of Xros Encounter back in October, fans of this Digimon could also get their hands on the new ST12 – Jesmon Starter Deck

TCG Player average price – $42 – $46

eBay average price  – $35$40

Xros Encounter prices

Bloomlordmon (Alt Art)

Bloomlordmon debuted for the first time in the Xros Encounter set. This Digimon was illustrated by Naochika Morishita who has been working on the Digimon Card Game from the very beginning, injecting his realistic art style into every piece, bringing Digimon with more humanoid forms to life.

TCG Player average price – $38 – $40

eBay average price  – $33

Jesmon GX (standard)

The standard artwork for Jesmon GX is also at the higher end of the Xros Encounter market, no doubt for its use in Royal Knight themed decks. 

TCG Player average price – $32

eBay average price  – $22$30

Xros Encounter prices

Venusmon (Alt Art)

Venusmon is another beauty of the Digital World, who is one of the Olympos XII gods. This will be the debut card for this Digimon in the English game, with her also appearing on the Healing Therapy Option card coming with Xros Encounter.Venusmon is a really nice Security Attack counter, reducing it by -1 and preventing Digimon with Security Attack from attacking or using their Digivolving and attacking effects.

TCG Player average price – $33

eBay average price  – $30

Minervamon (Alt Art)

Minervamon has appeared in several games over the years, going back as far as the Digimon World Data Squad video game, as well as the more modern Hacker’s Memory and Next Order titles. This will be the first time that the member of the Olympos XII deity lineup will make an appearance in the Digimon Card Game. 

TCG Player average price – $29

eBay average price  – $33

Xros Encounter prices
Xros Encounter prices

MetalGreymon (Alt Art)

MetalGreymon is a fan favourite Digimon that has appeared many times in the Digimon Card Game. When it comes to the Blue one that came in Xros Encounter,however, fans were treated to a very unique appearance. This version of MetalGreymon appeared in the Digimon Fusion (Xros Wars) anime and is incredibly loyal to its Tamer, Christopher Aonuma.

TCG Player average price –  $30 – $35

eBay average price  – $30

Jesmon (X Antibody) (Alt Art)

This card works with Sistermon cards, allowing you to play one from your hand or trash for free. Also, if you have a Jesmon card in the Digivolution stack, you get to give your Digimon a nice +2000 DP increase, as well as allowing them to attack unsuspended Digimon until the end of your opponent’s turn. 

TCG Player average price – $29

eBay average price  – $29

Xros Encounter prices
Xros Encounter prices

Sistermon Ciel (Alt Art)

Sistermon Ciel is a unique Digimon, as she was introduced in the English version of the Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory video game, and later within the Digimon Card Game, after Digimon Noir was censored. The reason for the censor was supposedly down the resemblance to Catholic nuns, which game producer Habu Kazumasa thought would be inappropriate for audiences in North America.

TCG Player average price – $29 – $34

eBay average price  – $27$30

Shoutmon (King Ver.) (Alt Art)

We can’t have a booster based on the Fusion (Xros Wars) series without including one of the lead Digimon Shoutmon. In the anime, Shoutmon’s goal is to become king of the Digital World so that he can bring it back to its former glory – a mission he succeeds in as seen in the Shoutmon King Version card. 

TCG Player average price – $22

eBay average price  –  $25

EX03 Draconic Roar will follow BT10 Xros Encounter. The Draconic Roar set will inject several debuting Digimon and new deck archetypes, such as the ‘Trial of the Four Great Dragons’ and the dual Guilmon cards, just to name a few. If you would like to check out some of the other fantastic cards coming with this set, click here

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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