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Digimon Card Game: BT11 Dimensional Phase – Gold Foil Reprints

Since the release of the Omnimon Ghost Rare that came with last year’s Double Diamond booster, it seems Bandai enjoy including some incredibly rare chase cards in their main booster sets.  In the Dimensional Phase booster, releasing early next year for the English version of the game,  three Gold Foil reprints will be included, which will all have incredibly low pull rates. 

The three Dimensional Phase Gold Foil cards will be Machinedramon, which came with the Classic Collection back in October 2021, UlforceVeedramon, from Special Release Booster 1.5, and Mastemon from the recent Parallel World Tactician starter deck. While UlforceVeedramon and Mastemon appear as they do in their respective sets, Machindramon is getting a new appearance, this time with its cannons not primed for attack.

Dimensional Phase gold foil
Dimensional Phase gold foil
Dimensional Phase gold foil

There was some confusion when these cards were first announced, with many Digimon Card Game fans believing that the three Gold Foil reprints were going to be the Box Toppers for Dimensional Phase. This does not appear to be the case, with these cards being the hyper rare cards of the set. 

The Box Toppers of the set will be 10 exclusive cards voted for by Digimon Card Game fans through a poll. As well as the Gold Foil reprints, Dimensional Phase will also include 12 SRs and the usual 3 SECs, with one of these being the first ever SEC Tamer, Rina Shinomiya. To get a closer look at all the cards of BT11, check out our article here

Galacticmon (Alt Art)
Rina Shinomiya
Rina Shinomiya (Alt Art)

Other Gold / Ghost Rares – 

Unfortunately, we have a while to wait until the release of the Dimensional Phase booster. Before then, the EX03 Draconic Roar will hit shelves on November 11th, and then the Xros Encounter will release on October 14th.In the latter set, Last year’s incredibly rare Ghost Omnimon is getting some company as Gold Alphamon arrives with the Xros Encounter set. This time around, the artwork will have the outline of the Digimon covered in gold foil which will contrast against its black background. Because of the incredible rarity of this card, Gold Alphamon will no doubt be the most valuable booster cards in the entire game.  

Dimensional Phase gold foil

When Ghost Omnimon started selling late last year, it was achieving prices between $1200 and $1600. Will the Gold cards coming with Xros Encounter and Dimensional Phase see the same kind of starting values?  Ghost Alphamon could possibly be even rarer, with early speculations claiming it could be between a 1-in-5 to a 1-in-10 carton chance, although the claim is yet to be backed up.

Because three variations are coming with Dimensional Phase, it is unknown what kind of rarity we are looking at for these cards. Having three of this rarity will no doubt be enticing for collectors of the Ghost / Gold cards, which will only grow in value as boosters go out of print and become harder to source. 

Since the launch of the game early last year, the Digimon Card Game has catered for the collector market by offering up incredibly rare chase cards. This is also the case for the competitive side of the game, with the top prize cards becoming the most valuable in the entire game. To learn more about the most expensive and sought-after cards of the Digimon Card Game, follow the links below – 

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World Championship 2021 – Omnimon framed prize card 

The Tournament top prize cards of the Digimon Card Game

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