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Digimon Card Game: Card Profile – Omnimon Evolution Cup

Omnimon has become something of a mascot for the Digimon Card Game, with it already having an incredible amount of cards released in the last year and a half. Several of these cards have become some of the most valuable in the entire game, including the top Omnimon Evolution Cup prize card which instantly achieved a four-figure value. 

This full art Omnimon is the most unique version in the TCG, exclusive to the English version of the game. It shows the full body of a battle-focused Omnimon, staring down its opponent. This card is awarded to the top 2 players of the Evolution Cup events which began in July 2021 and has the event’s name stamped on it.  

 Omnimon Evolution Cup

As the distribution is so limited for the Omnimon Evolution Cup prize card, there are very few in existence. As a result, sales have been very scarce. With that being said, this card has been listed for between $4000 and $5000, making it the highest valued card currently in the Digimon Card Game (at the time of writing this article). There are only 19 copies of this prize card in the PSA population, 10 of which achieving PSA 10s and the other 9 getting PSA 9s. Graded sales are also scarce due to low populations. With that being said, there was a PSA 10 sale that went for $7700 in April 2022.

Those who didn’t win this card last year will get another chance with the upcoming Ultimate Cup, although there will be one minor change to differentiate the top prize cards. The first Ultimate Cup event took place last month, with the next one taking place between April 23rd and April 30th. The Ultimate Cup is held online with webcam matches with a best of 3 game format. It is also worth noting that there aren’t any Top Cut matches for the Ultimate Cup. 

The Omnimon alt art, which was the top prize card for last year’s Evolution cup, made its return for the Ultimate Cup, only this time it dons the ‘Ultimate Cup’ stamp instead. This is a great way of continuing the circulation of this card without taking away the importance and rarity of last year’s version. Bandai are yet to ship the winners their prizes, so there are no sales of this card yet. 

 Omnimon Evolution Cup

The Omnimon alt art, awarded to the top two players of the event, isn’t the top prize card of the event, with Imperialdramon Paladin Mode earned by the overall winner of the Ultimate Cup. This alt art Promo Card will be the latest top champion prize card to enter the Digimon Card Game, which will take its throne beside the other top prize cards of the game – Omnimon alt art from the Evolution Cup, WarGreymon from the Premier TO events and the UlforceVeedramon from the DC-1 Grand Prix.

Omnimon has appeared a lot throughout the Digimon Card Game and will no doubt show up again with new variations in the future. Do you think it’s time for Bandai to ease up with the Omnimon releases? If you would like to learn more about the other top prize cards, check out our articles below – 

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