Digimon Card Game: Card Profile – WarGreymon Premier TO

Although the first Premier TO event was held in March 2021, it wasn’t until June of that year that the first big prize cards were introduced. The most valuable of the event was the WarGreymon alternate art, which was awarded to the top 8 players of each Premier TO event.

The first large scale Digimon TCG tournament, the Premier TO event, was held in March 2021 but had very different prizes compared to later events. The winners of these events were given a set of sleeves, a card case and the winner’s playmat, with no unique cards up for grabs. Because of the pandemic, the Premier TO events had to be held online, with games conducted over controlled webcam setups. Each game was a best of three, 50-minute format, which is the standard for rules Bandai hosted tournaments.

Those who participated were given the Koromon alt art, while the top 32 were awarded the Greymon alt art.  The top card up for grabs during the entire Premier TO event is the WarGreymon card that was awarded to the top 8 players, with no card awarded to the number one overall winner.

What makes the Premier TO WarGreymon very special, as well as the other two cards, is that their alternate art versions are exclusive to the English game. Usually, cards are introduced into the Japanese version of the Digimon TCG months before the English, which makes these prize cards even more desirable to collectors. 

Premier TO WarGreymon

At the time of writing this article, there are currently 17 Premier TO WarGreymon cards in the PSA population, only three of which being PSA 10s. 12 of the others are PSA 9s, with one being a PSA 8 and another being a PSA 7.The last raw copy sold on April 22nd for $2300 after a best offer was accepted on eBay. This price is in line with the copies selling on Cardmarket UK. There have been next to no graded sales this year, although there is a PSA 9 listed for $4259 that is yet to sell. 

Premier TO WarGreymon

This version of WarGreymon has been illustrated by Naochika Morishita, who is renowned throughout the Digimon TCG and is responsible for several popular card arts, including the SEC trio – AncientGreymon, Lucemon, and AncientGarurumon from the Great Legend booster set. The texture of the WarGreymon prize card is incredibly unique to the Digimon TCG, with the background, name and textbox having an intricate fingerprint style foiling, which leaves just the Digimon at the forefront of the card relatively untextured. 

Up until the Evolution Cup and the release of the Double Diamond booster, the Premier TO WarGreymon was the most valuable card in the entire Digimon Card Game. Now, that has all changed with several more events injecting other incredibly rare prize cards. If you would like to learn more, check out the links below – 

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