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Digimon Card Game – Cards to look out for in New Awakening 

The Digimon Card Game will see its second booster of 2022 release tomorrow in Europe, Oceania and Latin America, with the North America release coming a little later on May 27th.   New Awakening, known as New Hero in Japan, will focus on the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series and will introduce new Keyword Effects and Tamers, as well as the Armor Digivolution and DNA Digivolution forms. Although there are a lot of incredible Digimon you can pull from New Awakening packs, there are several cards that players and collectors will want to look out for.

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

SECs of New Awakening – 

The SECs of any set tend to become the most valuable, especially the alternate arts. In New Awakening, Creepymon and Imperialdramon in its Paladin Mode will debut with these incredible looking cards. Not only do they look epic, but they both will no doubt be fronting upcoming meta decks. 

Creepymon can trash 2 cards for every Digimon your opponent has on the field. If you trash 4 or more, you get to play a level 5 Digimon from the trash. This means that if your opponent has more Digimon than you, you can even out the playing field a little. When attacking, Creepymon trashes cards from the top of your opponent’s deck, depending on how many you have in the trash, and gains +3000 DP also. This ability could devastate your opponent’s deck, especially if they lose key cards they were hoping to draw. 

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode has a nice recycling ability that returns a trashed card to the bottom of the deck while reducing the digivolution cost of this card by 4. This Digimon’s Digivolving and Attacking ability can really break down your opponent’s forces by stripping the cards from beneath one of the Digimon and sending all Digimon with no Digivolution cards beneath them to the bottom of the deck. 

SRs of  New Awakening – 

There are several SRs coming with this upcoming set, although there are some that really stick out to us and are likely to become the more valuable of the set for their playability, especially their alt art versions. BlackWarGreymon, Magnamon and Rapidmon will introduce powerful dual colour cards to the Digimon Card Game. 

New Awakening top cards
New Awakening top cards
New Awakening top cards

Kimeramon will offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to colour requirements. In fact, playing multiple colours will increase the effectiveness of this Digimon’s effects. The sinister Ouryumon will debut in the New Awakening booster and will support X-Antibody Digimon, an archetype that will gain even more support in the following main set, X-Record, which will release in July. MaloMyotismon has two very contrasting artworks in these latest cards and will take pride of place in Myotismon themed decks. 

New Awakening top cards
New Awakening top cards
New Awakening top cards

Rares of New Awakening – 

Ryudamon, Flamedramon, Gammamon and Halsemon are among the top rares coming with this set and are likely to be some of the most valuable. As always, it’s the playability of these cards that will make them popular, especially the alternate art versions that will have a lower pull rate, impressive artwork and more foiling than their standard counterpart. 

New Awakening top cards
New Awakening top cards

The New Awakening booster set, that hit shelves tomorrow (May 13th) in most regions, will release alongside two brand new starter decks, Ultimate Ancient Dragon & Parallel World Tactician. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming products in the Digimon Card Game, head over to our article below –

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A closer look at the Parallel World Tactician Starter Deck

A closer look at the Ultimate Ancient Dragon Starter Deck

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