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Digimon Card Game – Cards to look out for in the Next Adventure set

On March 4th, fans of the Digimon Card Game will finally get their hands on the first set of 2022 which is fittingly named, Next Adventure. This booster will see a shift within the game, steering away from the original Digimon Adventure anime and instead focusing on the themes and Tamers of the Digimon Frontier series. As with every booster, there will be several rare, valuable and competitive cards that collectors and players will be hoping to pull when getting stuck into their booster packs. 

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

MetalGreymon (Alt Art) & WereGarurumon (Alt Art)

If a card art makes it to the front of the booster box, you know it’s going to be worth collecting. This alternate art MetalGreymon card has been illustrated by Tonamikanji, who always does an amazing job of capturing depth in his work. While on the subject of Tonamikanji, the new WereGarurumon alt art card coming with the Next Adventure set will undoubtedly be popular among collectors, especially fans of the original Digimon anime series. This sinister appearance of WereGarurmon is incredibly original, with Myotismon and MetalSeadramon also seen in the background backing up his assault. As fan favourites of the original Digimon Adventure anime series, I think it’s safe to say that many people will want to add these cards to their collection. 

Next Adventure best cards

Cherubimon (Standard & Alt Art)

The new Cherubimon card coming with the Next Adventure set looks incredibly creepy, and we love it! Both the regular and the alternate art versions of this SR will definitely be popular among collectors and will be effective in play, having an ability that plays a Tamer from the trash, as well as being able to delete level 4 Digimon or play level 3 Digimon depending on how many Tamers you have in play at the time of Digivolution or deletion. 

Next Adventure best cards

DarkKnightmon (Standard and Alternate Art)

Although the regular version of DarkKnightmon will undoubtedly do well within the Digimon Card Game market, the Alternate Art will rank slightly higher up the ladder. The artwork of this card shows the Digimon in an apocalyptic looking scene coming out on top after a battle. 

Next Adventure best cards
Next Adventure best cards

EmperorGreymon (Alt Art)

 EmperorGreymon will be popular in red hybrid decks which will make it one of the more expensive SRs of the set. Although the standard version looks really nice, it is the alternate art version, illustrated by Sasasi, that many collectors will want to get their hands on. I can see why they chose this illustrator, as he proved himself more than capable with other Warrior-type Digimon such as the standard Omnimon and Gallantmon cards that came with Special Booster 1.0. If you would like to learn more about this artist, check out our article here.

Next Adventure best cards

Susanoomon (Standard & Alt Art)

Susanoomon will be one of the two SEC coming with the Next Adventure set, which will also have a rarer alternate art version that can be pulled. Once again, it is Sasasi who has been tasked with creating the alt art version of this card, who has made the hybrid Digimon appear righteous and godly, especially with the traditional looking clouds and the straight rays of light resonating from the Digimon. Susanoomon has no Digivolve colour requirement, which will make him incredibly versatile in play. Alternate art SECs always take a top spot within the market, so adding the usefulness of this card and the decks that will be created around it, there is no doubt that both the standard and alt art versions will do well. 

Next Adventure best cards

Lucemon: Chaos Mode (Standard & Alt Art)

Just like the new Cherubimon cards previously mentioned, we get to see the more ominous form of Lucemon within the Next Adventure series. Both the standard and alternate art versions of this card will be one of, if not the most, valuable cards from the Next Adventure set. Just like Susanoomon, this card will play a big part in the future meta, with decks built around it. 

Useful / Valuable Rares of Next Legend – 

It’s not just the high rarity cards that will be sought after in the Next Adventure set, with several Rares to look out for. Looking at the cards that are currently achieving the highest values on the Japanese market, we have a good insight into some of the Rares that will be sought after by both collectors and players. Below are the alternate art versions that will slightly more valuable than their standard versions.

Dorumon (Alt Art)
Strabimon (Alt Art)
Flamemon (Alt Art)
Next Adventure best cards
Lopmon (Alt Art)
Betamon (Alt Art)
Gomamon (Alt Art)
Herissmon (Alt Art)
Zoe Orimoto (Alt Art)

The Next Adventure set, which was initially released within the Japanese version of the game on August 27th, will begin its pre-release period on February 25th, with the full release coming a week later. If you would like to learn more about this set, you can check out our articles below – 

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