Digimon Card Game Christmas gift guide for all budgets

The festive period is here and with it comes the confusion of what to buy your friends and family. Well, if they happen to enjoy the Digimon Card Game, or is maybe someone you think would love to try the game out, we have come up with several gift ideas that will put a smile on their face. 

Card Sleeves / Deck Protectors 

Price: $5 – $10

Card sleeves are a must-have for any TCG fan and will be a much-welcomed stocking filler. Basic coloured sleeves can range between $3 and $6, while official Bandai ones can cost between $10 and $15. Card Sleeves come in a vast variety of designs, so the chances of getting a friend or family member a design they already have is very unlikely. 

Digimon Card Game Christmas gift


Price: $6 – $20 (Depending on size)

Card binders always come in handy for TCG collectors, especially the higher quality ones that display cards clearly while providing the right protection. Although there are a lot of binders to choose from, Ultra Pro are one of the best and most affordable manufacturers, offering a large variety of designs, colours and sizes.

Starter Decks 7 & 8 

Price: $12.99

Starter Decks 7 Gallantmon and Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon are the latest starter decks to release for the Digimon TCG. These are a great way for newcomers to get into the game, while providing helpful cards to those already playing. These decks also come with six memory boost promo cards and two memory gauges.

Digimon Card Game Christmas gift

Custom Memory Counters / Gauges 

Price: $5 – $40 

One of the most unique aspects of the Digimon Card Game is the use of Memory Counters and Memory Gauges. This has led to a number of talented people creating custom counter figures of fan-favourite Digimon and inventive Gauges. Etsy and eBay are fantastic places to buy these, which range in price to fit all budgets. To get a better idea about what kind of Counters / Gauges you can buy as a gift, check out our article here

Digimon Card Game Christmas gift


Price – around $20

Playmats are a good way of protecting and keeping your card sleeves clean. When it comes to the Digimon TCG, there aren’t that many official Playmats to choose from, but you can get some from TCG suppliers or custom designed and printed ones. 

Digimon Card Game Gift Collection

Price: $24.99

Just in time for the holidays, Bandai is releasing the first Gift Collection, which will come with four Classic Collection booster packs, a WarGreymon promo card, two large memory Gauges, one of four new memory counters and a cool little case to keep them in. The Classic Collection is a set made up of original cards with vintage artwork, which will no doubt make any Digimon Card Game fan happy to receive. If you would like to learn more about this set, you can check out our article here. To learn more about the Classic Collection, you can read our article here

Booster Boxes

Price: Around $80

The ultimate gift you could get for a fan of the Digimon Card Game is a booster box containing 24 packs of cards. If you are unsure about which set to get, then we recommend getting them the most latest release, the Double Diamond booster. This set comes with several fantastic cards like the Sistermons and Alphamon, as well as the incredibly rare and valuable Omnimon ‘Ghost’. To learn more about this legendary card, you can check out our article here

The Classic Collection is another set fans will enjoy, especially those who collected the Digi-Battle or the Hyper Hyper Colosseum cards from the late 90s as they share the same artwork. To learn more about this set, you can check out our article here

It can be confusing when trying to buy for a fan of the DBS CG, especially if you don’t collect the TCG yourself. Hopefully, this guide will help you when picking out the perfect gift for your friends and family. 

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