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Our love for the Digimon Card Game comes in many forms, with fans expressing those feelings in their own way. From displaying their collections to drawing and making models, many fans of the TCG find original and creative ways to pay homage to the game or their favourite Digimon. One such artist is known in the community as Shadow Place, who posts some incredible 3D Digimon card art on their blog page. After speaking with the Malaysian artist, we share the inspiration behind his creations and some of his best work. 

Digimon Card

For many fans, UC, C and rare bulk end up in piles or stored in boxes. For Shadow Place, however, there is another creative way to make these cards stand out. The artist takes his favourite cards, cuts away art elements and then positions them to create 3D effects. He also adds terrain and other environmental elements to let the Digimon escape their cards and further the narrative. 

Digimon Card

Like many of us, Shadow Place first got into Digimon when he was a kid growing up in the 90s, now enjoying the nostalgic franchise as an adult. When asked where the inspiration for his artwork came from, he told us that he was inspired by 3D card art from Japan and that this helped him cook up fantastic and original ways to evolve the cards he loved. 

Digimon Card

While Shadow Place holds on to some of his pieces, most of his work is sold as display art. Although there are some seriously impressive creations in the artist’s library, it was his Devimon display that is his personal favourite – with the devilish Digimon looming from the shadows with his hand reaching out and his wings curving around.

The artist behind the creative blog is planning on creating pieces for other TCGs, as long as he has enough spare time to give them the justice they deserve! If you would like to check out more of Shadow Place’s artwork, head over to his social media page here. Do you have a card collection that you would like to share with the Digimon community? Maybe you create original TCG themed artwork that fans will appreciate? If so, you can reach out to us here

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