Digimon Card Game Fest 2022

A new large scale Digimon event will be kicking off this month with the Digimon Card Game Fest. This event, which will offer both online and offline venues, will offer an array of fantastic gold stamped prize cards including those that will be entering the Digimon Card Game for the first time. 

Digifest will be hosted using the single game, Swiss format. These will be best of one matches lasting 25 Minutes with 5 minutes overtime. There will be a top cut playoff for this event, which will be a bo1 format. Those new to the competitive side of the Digimon Card Game can take part in a Tutorial game where new players can get their hands on three demo decks and the Digi Egg set.

Digimon Fest 2022

An exciting aspect added to the Digimon Card Game Fest is the introduction of Mulligan and Side Decks. Mulligan will allow players who draw an unplayable hand, to place their entire hand at the bottom of their deck and draw a fresh one. The Security cards are not affected at all and the deck doesn’t need to be shuffled after.  Players will be able to use a side deck of up to ten cards, built up of main deck and Digi-Egg cards. These cards allow you to swap out cards at the end of each game, which will allow you to adapt to an opponent’s deck. There is a three minute limit between games, so swapping out cards for your side deck will have to be done quickly. In fact, Judges can penalise a player if they take too much time to do their Side Deck substitutions. While having a Mulligan and Side Deck could be incredibly beneficial to players, there are some concerns about changing things up in this way. 

Event Locations and Dates

North America –

March 19th-20th, 2022 –  Play! TCG (Texas, in-store)

March 26th-27th, 2022- PPG Events (Miami, in-store)

Canada – 

March 27th – Carta Magica (online event)

Europe – 

Online Events – full list here (online event)

Oceania –

March 26th-27th – TAK Games (Brisbane,in-store)

Latin America -March 26th-27th – Coqui (online event)


The latest reveals for the Digimon Fest will be BT8-008 Gammamon and BT8-086 Hiro Amanokawa, which will be the first time these cards, and characters, enter the English version of the game. Event Packs 1 & 2 will also be available at Digimon Fest events.

Digimon Fest Set –

Digimon Fest 2022

2021 Vault Set –

Lilithmon Fest Samp & Winner Stamp –

Covid Safety – 

Masks will have to be worn throughout the Digimon Fest events as a safety precaution. Also, all attendees, judges, and staff for the event must prove that they have had the final dose of a vaccine for at least two weeks before the event. 

With the recent release of the Next Adventure set, it will be interesting to see which new deck archetypes come out on top within the meta. To learn more about this latest set, check out our articles below – 

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